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Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

12 December 2011

Presiding: Kelly McGuire

Present: Kelly McGuire, Bill Martin, Jim Bergeron, Jim Zalmanek, Frank Chuba, David Weber, Craig Ketels

Guests: P. K. Robinson

Meeting called to order at 1900.

The minutes of the 14 November 2011 meeting were read and unanimously approved as written following a motion by Frank Chuba and a second by Bill Martin.

{tab=Treasurer's Report}Treasurer’s Report:

The balance is $14,360.09.  There have been 129 voluntary donations amounting to $4,915.  Expenses amount to $4,927.91.  Architectural control fees amount to $1299.00.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted following a motion by Craig Ketels and a second by David Weber.


{tab=Arch Control}Architectural Control:

Chairman Frank Chuba reports there were no new requests for the month.

{tab=Old Business}Old Business:

P. K. Robinson wondered if easements and water runoff are taken into consideration when approving new projects, such as the shed approved at the November meeting.  He was told that all plans are looked at in detail when submitted to the Architectural Control Committee and must have El Paso County Regional Building permits before proceeding.

{tab=New Business}New Business:

President Kelly McGuire stated that he has discussed obtaining dumpsters from our local Monument disposal site at 856 North Washington Street.  The company that has supplied dumpsters in the past for the annual spring clean-up may be going out of business, so an alternate provider may be necessary.

Frank Chuba mentioned that Waste Management has advertised canvas bags that are spread out on the ground and picked up by a crane when filled with trash.  Director Craig Ketels said he would be concerned with strong winds in the area that might blow trash around before it is picked up.  President McGuire said he will check with Waste Management about the bags and report back to the Board.

President McGuire asked for input from members about the possibility of moving the meetings back to the Tri Lakes Fire Department on State Highway 105.  He said the second Monday of the month is being used by another group, but all Tuesdays and the Mondays other than the second are available.  One reason for the move would be the shortage of meeting space at Tri Lakes Cares, especially during food drive periods when the conference room is usually filled with collected food.  The fire station would also be closer to the homes of all Board members with the exception of Frank Chuba.  President McGuire suggested that the idea be suspended for now while individual Board members gave it some thought and discussion at the next meeting.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 1930 on a motion by David Weber and a second by Craig Ketels.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 09 January 2012 at the Tri Lakes Cares building, 235 Jefferson Street, Monument, Colorado.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Bergeron
Secretary/Recorder, RRRHOA

Note:  These minutes are in draft form until approved at the 09 January 2012 meeting.