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Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

14 August 2006


Presiding: Joline Lee


Present: Joline Lee, Jim Bergeron, Lorrayne Hodge, Bill Martin, Phyllis Moore, Fred Lanyon, David Bohn


Guests: Jeff Dull, Genelle Deavenport, Stuart Currier, David Weber, Keith Lonnquist, David Sargent, Don Hodge, Dan Spiegelberg


Meeting was called to order at 1900.


Minutes of the 10 July 2006 meeting were read and accepted as presented on a motion by Fred Lanyon, seconded by Phyllis Moore, and voted upon unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bill Martin reported a bank balance of $15,690.46.  $1500 is still owed to High Country Store for landscaping at the Association Park, but a bill has not been forthcoming.  There have been 125 voluntary donations for a total of $4600.  Income to date: $5136.20  Expenses to date: $3714.96  Lorrayne Hodge made a motion to accept the report as given, the motion seconded by Phyllis Moore and accepted unanimously by the Board.


Old Business: Fred Lanyon reported that he has the protective box built to safeguard the water drip system from vandalism, and he will install it this week.

With the resignation of Board member John Sharp last month, there is a vacancy that needs to be filled.  President Joline Lee asked if guest David Weber would consider filling that vacancy since he has helped with Board matters in the past.  Mr. Weber agreed to fill the slot and will serve as an appointee.

The swing set is repaired and painted, thanks to Lowell and Michaele Duncan.  Residents John Novotny and Carl Gusler have volunteered to plant it in concrete in the Association Park.

Mandatory dues were discussed since the board was waiting for the return of Treasurer Bill Martin to make a final decision.  Mr. Martin suggested that the issue be tabled until next year since the Association is presently getting by with voluntary donations, and the only expenses at this time are insurance and renovations at the Park.  The Board agreed unanimously with that suggestion after a motion by new Board member David Weber and seconded by Phyllis Moore.

The quarterly review of the financial records will take place prior to the next meeting.  Board member Fred Lanyon volunteered to do the audit.


Architectural Control: Mr. Keith Lonnquist was present to show the plans for a fence and a garage/shop that had been discussed at the July meeting.  The site is at 18325 Spruce Road and the building will be painted to match the house on the property.   The required fee has been paid.  After examining the plans, Phyllis Moore made a motion to accept them, a second came from Fred Lanyon, and all Board members voted unanimously to accept.

Robert and Kristen Smith at 4315 Sandstone Road requested permission to apply stucco over the present siding.  A color chip was submitted, which is an earth tone called “Hacienda”. The required fee has been paid, and Fred Lanyon made a motion to accept the plan, seconded by David Bohn and passed unanimously by the Board.

David Bohn requested permission to replace the shingles on his home, 4710 Limestone Road, with fire retardant life time shingles, and also to replace worn siding. Required fee has been paid, and tentative approval was granted, pending a county permit, on a motion by David Weber.  That was seconded by Fred Lanyon and approved unanimously.



New Business: President Joline Lee and member Jim Bergeron have been contacted by telephone from Title Companies asking for clarification about businesses on the Ranch as outlined in the covenants.  There was interest shown by someone to purchase property on Cloven Hoof Estates and open a day care center.  The answer was related to the companies that paragraph 19 in the RRRHOA covenants spell out that no business such as a day care center will be permitted on the Ranch.

The newsletter was discussed and member David Weber agreed to put it together with input from all Board members.  The date to mail it out will be the week of 10 September 2006.

The annual RRRHOA picnic will be held on 23 September 2006 in the Association Park with details to be discussed at the 11 September 2006 meeting.


Guest Input: Genelle Deavenport spoke about water board issues and the current management company, and issues such as holding executive sessions for decision making.  The Raspberry Ridge development was also mentioned.  The text of her talk is attached to the official meeting minutes.

Jeff Dull spoke next and talked about the interest the town of Monument has in taking over the Forest View Acres Water District. His points were that Monument is not profit driven, such as the management company, and they are local, have full-time personnel, and that it would be advantageous to involve Monument with our District.

Stuart Currier was the last speaker and he echoed the remarks about being included in a Monument water district.  He further said the proposed increased mil levy is exorbitant, and inclusion with Monument would be much less expensive.

The three speakers asked if the RRRHOA could set up a forum where homeowners could have dialog over the pros and cons with water board members, the present management company and Monument officials and include homeowners from Shiloh Pines and Sundance Estates who are not part of RRRHOA, but are part of Forest View Water District.  The Board agreed to publish information for mailing to all concerned at Association cost.  Copies will be sent to the Shiloh Pines HOA President for distribution as he/she sees fit, and to Dan Spiegelberg who agreed to distribute to Sundance Estate residents. Dr. Bohn will coordinate a common date in August for all parties and Mr. Stuart Currier will obtain a meeting place large enough to accommodate a large crowd.


With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 2030 on a motion by Larrayne Hodge, seconded by Phyllis Moore, and carried unanimously.


The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 11 September 2006 at the Tri-Lakes Fire Station.


Respectfully submitted,





Jim Bergeron, Recorder/Secretary

Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association