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Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

12 June 2006


Presiding:  Bill Martin


Present:   Frank Chuba, Jim Bergeron, Phyllis Moore, Lorrayne Hodge, Bill Martin


Guests: Ketch Nowacki, Dave Weitz, Lesa Atteberry


Meeting was called to order at 1905.


Minutes of the 08 May 2006 meeting were read and accepted as presented unanimously, after a motion from Phyllis Moore and a second by Lorrayne Hodge.


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bill Martin reported a bank balance of $15,504.29.  There have been 121 voluntary donations to date for a total of $4,460. Architectural Control amounts to $50.  Expenses to date are $3,502.46, of which $2,000 was given to Woody Woodruff as a down payment for his work in the Association Park.  Phyllis Moore made a motion to accept the report as given, that was seconded by Lorrayne Hodge and approved unanimously by the Board.


Architectural Control: Pat Burkhart of 4380 Red Forest Road presented a request to replace the shake shingles on his home with fire resistant shingles that will match the color of his house.  He gave the Treasurer a check for $25 and the request was approved unanimously by the Board.


Old Business: John Sharp was absent because of business, so action on the drafts concerning the new HOA law mentioned in the minutes of last month’s meeting was again tabled.  

Covenants and mandatory dues from residents/homeowners discussed at last month’s meeting also tabled until the President of the Board returns.

It was noted that landscaping work has been accomplished on the north side of the Park and it is anticipated Woody Woodruff will soon begin work on the water drip system.

Frank Chuba gave an update on the properties mentioned in last month’s minutes.  He did contact the owners/contractors involved with the sites and both agreed to accomplish necessary request forms and pay required fees.

Treasurer Bill Martin stated that results of the letter he sent to residents concerning voluntary dues resulted in nine residents each paying the $35.


New Business: Board members received an e-mail from Mike Hewig (attached) concerning subdividing a 1.7 acre lot on the Ranch.  It was agreed by all present that the covenants prohibit subdividing lots, and the rules on septic systems in El Paso County now require a minimum of 2 1/2 acres.  Jim Bergeron was tasked with sending the information to Mr. Helwig.


Guest Comments/Input: Resident and Forest View Acres Water District Board member Ketch Nowacki was given the floor and he said he was present to answer any questions about the Water Board.  He reiterated that the estimate to bring the water system up to code will be $6 million and mentioned the various ways the money can be obtained. The information will be given the widest dissemination by the Water Board.

The emergency number for the Forest View Acres Water District Management company is 800-741-3254. This number has a live operator 24 hours a day who logs calls and appropriate personnel are dispatched to attend to the problem.

The readiness hearing regarding the Patti Unger case is still on for 22 June 2006 and trial date is still 27 June 2006.

Guest Dave Weitz asked the Board if there were concerns or reports about radon gas problems on the Ranch.  He stated that his residence had levels of 50 and acceptable rates are under 4. He did not know what the rating numbers actually stand for, but wondered if this had been brought up before. He further stated that he had to install a system to lower the levels and that cost over $1,000.  No one on the Board was aware of problems, although Jim Bergeron did state that the residence of Paul and Sherry Lee on Pike View Way had a radon diffusing system installed as it was built and it operates 24 hours a day.


With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 1953 on a motion by Frank Chuba and seconded by Lorrayne Hodge. The motion carried unanimously.


The next meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 10 July 2006 at the Tri-Lakes Fire Station.  


Respectfully submitted,




Jim Bergeron, Secretary

Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association