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{tab=Call To Order}

Presiding:  Beth Lonnquist                           

Present: Fred Layon, David Webber, Bill Griffith, Frank Chuba, Kevin Guy

Guests: Tom Gunther, Wayne Crowley

The meeting was called to order by President Beth Lonnquist at 1900 

 {tab=Special Topic}

As per Association policy, resident Wayne Crowley was allowed to present plans before the start of the meeting for a fence at the residence at 17970 Granite Cir.  This will be wooden four rails with metal fencing inside.  Plans were viewed by members, approved on a motion by David Webber and a second by Fred Lanyon. The required fee was paid.  

 {tab=Meeting Minutes}

The minutes of April 10, 2017 were read and approved unanimously as written following a motion by David Weber, seconded by   Frank Chuba

{tab=Treasurer's Report}

Treasurer’s report: The current bank balance is $10,348.82. There was one donor since the last meeting who contributed $100.00 for a year to date total of $745.00. Bank interest was $0.41 for a total income year to date of $746.02.  Expenses to date: $643.15 with $27.00 to Colorado State for filling fees and $304.94 for legal fees this month.

 Treasurer’s Report accepted following a motion by Fred Layon and a second by Frank Chuba. 

{tab=Arch Control}

Architectural Control: No new requests other than the fence noted above.

{tab=Old Business}

Old Business:

David Weber will still follow up on checking the insurance coverage.   He registered with the Colorado State HOA registration.   There was a question about licensure for Board Members.  Nothing in our covenants requires licensing, but classes are offered through CONO.

The spring cleanup was discussed and it was agreed to have four roll-off dumpsters delivered to Nevins Park on Friday, 02 June 2017 and have dumping begin on Saturday, 03 June through Monday, 05 June.  The site will be manned by Board members for two to four hour shifts, depending on the individual wish of each Director. The hours of operation will be from 0800 to 1600 each day.  No chipping will be done this year and residents who wish to have brush/slash chipped will be given times and dates when the Black Forest chipping area will accept brush/slash and chip it for $2 per load.


Firewise event: Director Beth Lonnquist went to the Firewise event.  At this meeting we were introduced to many of the community’s resources available.  Our RRRHOA  is being included in a grant application for 2018.

            Becoming Firewise Neighborhood will be extensive and last for a while.  Director Beth Lonnquist has solicited lot owners for a committee to follow through outside the HOA, but with an HOA liason and HOA support.  Mitigation betters your home’s odds of survival in a fire and safety of the firefighters. 

Director Beth Lonnquist will be the HOA representative to the Firewise group.

Newsletter: the newsletter was approved and it was unanimously approved to have tri lakes Printing handle mailing out the newsletter,  after a motion  from Fred Layon and Seconded by Frank Chuba. 

{tab=New Business}

New Business

The HOA received a letter of concern about the business on Spruce Rd.   There was a discussion as to how to contact John Green and decided a letter in step 3 will be most efficient, as John and Joan Green have received many letters in the past from the HOA.  Neighbor to neighbor contact happened when Courage to Change began and there was no intention on their part to become a single family residence.



There were no other topics discussed and no other concerns.  Meeting was adjourned at 1950.