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          Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

                                                08 January 2018

Presiding: Beth Lonnquist

Present: Beth Lonnquist, Jim Bergeron, Frank Chuba, Kevin Guy, Jim Zalmanek

Guests: John Cressman

The meeting was called to order by President Beth Lonnquist at 1900.

As per HOA policy, Mr. John Cressman was allowed to present his request for a home he is building for owner Julia Furrer. The structure will be a two bedroom, 2733 square foot building with a gray stucco exterior, a metal roof and a three stall garage located at 18445 Pixie Park Road. Plans and setbacks were reviewed by the Board and approved following a motion to accept by Frank Chuba and a second by Kevin Guy. The required fee was paid.

Chairman Frank Chuba presented a request from resident Cindy Goodwin, 18060 Red Rocks Drive, to erect a privacy fence measuring 79 by 54 feet on her property. It would be a 6 foot tall fence consisting of cedar. It was discussed at length since residents seem to like the openness of the Ranch, but there is nothing to prohibit such a fence in the covenants, so Frank Chuba agreed to visit the property and discuss the openness issue. The Board did vote to allow the fence pending Frank Chuba’s follow-up after a motion by Kevin Guy and a second by Frank Chuba.

The minutes of the 11 December 2017 minutes were changed to read, “A message was received about a property on Sandstone. President Lonnquist and Kevin Guy will make a courtesy visit to the owners”. Those minutes were approved as amended following a motion to approve by Beth Lonnquist and a second by Jim Zalmanek.

Treasurer’s Report: Bank balance is $10,901.71. Income included $25.00 safety deposit box refund and $0.47 bank interest. Expenses were $200.00 to Tri Lakes Cares. Outstanding obligations:

PO Box Fees ………..…..$80.00

Colo. Dept. of State …….$10.00

Attorney Fees...................$718.00

NEPCO Dues...................$50.00

CONO Dues......................$75.00

Reimbursement to Pres. Lonnquist

Treasurer’s Report accepted after a motion by Jim Zalmanek and a second by Kevin Guy.


Old Business: A courtesy call was made to the Sandstone residence by President Lonnquist and Kevin Guy on 06 January 2018. The homeowner stated he is working on clean-up and requested any further contact be made by mail.

Firewise: The Red Rock Ranch HOA has been accepted as a Firewise Community. Signs are being made to display in the neighborhood.

The Committee is going strong. They will compose an agreement with Coalition for Upper South Platte (CUSP) asking for $4700.00 with matching funds of $1500.00 toward the grant. The Board will see the contract electronically before approving and signing it. Grant funds will be in a separate account from the HOA account. Beth Lonnquist made a motion, seconded by Jim Zalmanek to review the contract electronically and approve electronically, or if discussion is needed, by the February meeting. This is feasible if the June 9/10 chipping days (Black Forest Together) included in the Grant. The HOA has those funds committed, but by changing the commitment to the CUSP grant, it will include Black Forest Together Chipping and 4 additional dates: May, August/September, October and November.


Complete Community Wildfire Preparedness Plan (CWPP)

Drone study of evacuation routes… Pictures will be available

Greet neighbors, spread word and create interest/educate

Evaluate lots

Provide chipping training dates

More cooperative projects with Tri Lakes Methodist EPG

Evaluate lots: detailed evaluations for Firewise is available upon request.  Firewise people will be trained by Coalition for the Upper South Platte professionals.

Provide Chipping and train residents during the chipping dates. 

Spruce Road: Attorney Bryce has been ill the month of December and will get a letter composed this week. The Association insurance company will pay attorney and his assistant’s fees that are acceptable to the attorney. Pres. Lonnquist moved to approve the letter electronically and that was seconded by Kevin Guy.

Frank Chuba reported that he visited the Bret Hull residence at 4730 Red Forest Road as a follow-up concerning clarification of solar panels discussed during the 13 November 2017 meeting and all is in order. Closed.

Tennis Court: No news

New Business: President Lonnquist has started a newsletter that was distributed to members and asked for additional input from all Board members.

Treasurer Bill Griffith was absent so the budget for 2018 will be discussed at the February meeting.

New Sales: Travis Hall, 18335 Pixie Park Road

Future projects:

09 April - Annual Member Meeting with Firewise presentation

14 May- Set up trash day collection

01-02 June – Trash collection

09-10 June – Chipping days

09 July – Coordinate Annual Picnic

August – Picnic

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 2110 after a motion by Frank Chuba and a second by Kevin Guy.


The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 12 February 2018 at the Tri Lakes Cares building, 235 Jefferson Street, Monument.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Bergeron

Secretary/Recorder, RRRHOA