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Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

09 January 2006


Presiding:  Joline Lee


Present:  Frank Chuba, Jim Bergeron, Bill Martin, John Sharp, Joline Lee, Lorrayne Hodge, David Bohn


Guests: Ketch Nowacki


Meeting was called to order at 1902.


Minutes of the 12 December 2005 meeting were read and accepted as presented unanimously after a motion from Frank Chuba and a second by Lorrayne Hodge.


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bill Martin gave each member a copy of the 2005 Homeowners Association Annual Report. See attached.  He did explain that many of the expenses incurred during the year were one-time, such as the trenching and water line installation at the park.  Also mentioned were the federal and state taxes that are a one-time payment due to the money received from Qwest for rights to run a telephone line across Association property; otherwise the RRRHOA is a tax exempt entity.  John Sharp made a motion to accept the report, seconded by David Bohn and it was accepted unanimously.


Old Business: John Sharp noted that none of the old utility poles have been removed although Mountain View Electric has finished installing new poles.  Adelphia and Qwest still have lines in place on the old poles, and according to John Sharp, the owner of the last line up has responsibility for removing the poles. John will follow up on this matter.

The request for outdoor sign holders from the Water Board was brought up.  At this time, President Joline Lee stated that she has had no response from Water Board President Barbara Reed-Polatty, despite several phone messages left and e-mails sent.  John Sharp said he and Fred Lanyon will forge ahead and construct a bulletin board for use at the Association park pavilion.

Bill Martin asked about availability of a current listing of Red Rock Ranch homeowners since he has received several letters back from the Post Office that were undeliverable as addressed.  Lorrayne Hodge volunteered to go to the El Paso County web site and retrieve names and addresses, but guest Ketch Nowacki stated that he had a list and would e-mail it to all board members.

The annual letter to homeowners was discussed and President Lee had a rough draft which was fine tuned after input from board members.  She said she will get it to the printers and mailed posthaste.


 New Business:  Bill Martin raised the question of mandatory dues in light of the new state law that went into effect on 01 January 2006 concerning homeowners associations.  The Association in-house attorney, John Sharp, will research the new bill and report his findings to the Board.

President Lee received a call from a resident complaining about the $25 increase on the monthly water bill.  The caller was advised to attend the water board meetings and address her concern there since the RRRHOA is not connected to the water board.

The Fire Department advised President Lee that there will be some conflicts in the future over the use of the meeting room where the Board normally meets.  Training by the Fire Department will pre-empt its use in January, February and March, but the Board was given alternate dates the room can be used. As a temporary measure because of short notice, the regularly scheduled meeting on 09 January was held in the Fire Department dining area.  The meetings in February and March will be held on the first Tuesday of the month in the training/meeting room at 1900.

Jim Bergeron said he wanted the Board to know of the efforts by residents John Novotny and Carl Gusler in straightening the park flag pole that was severely bent during the last heavy windstorm.  John Novotny also donated an American flag that now flies from the upright pole.  The Board expressed its thanks to these two men for their time and hard work.

Guest Ketch Nowacki asked to advise the Board about the on-going case against Patti Unger since he has been present at all court appearances.  At this time, Mrs. Unger is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on 02 March 2006 with a trial to start on 07 March 2006.  There has been no mention of plea bargaining and all residents are encouraged to attend to sentencing portion of the trial to express their views, which will be heard by the judge, and could possibly influence the sentence meted out.  This involves the criminal case against Mrs. Unger.  In July, a civil case will be brought against both Mr. and Mrs. Unger.

Mr. Nowacki also stated that the Water Board meetings are now being held at 1730 on the 4th Thursday of each month at the Fire Station.


With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 1955 on a motion by Frank Chuba and seconded by Lorrayne Hodge. The motion carried unanimously.


 The next meeting will be at 1900 on Tuesday, 07 February 2006 at the Tri-Lakes Fire Station.


Respectfully submitted,




Jim Bergeron, Secretary

Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association