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          Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting
                                     11 June 2018

Presiding: Beth Lonnquist

Present: Beth Lonnquist, Frank Chuba, Jim Zalmanek, Kevin Guy, Bill Griffith, PK Robison

Guests: none

The meeting was called to order by President Beth Lonnquist at 1900.

The minutes of the May Minutes were approved following a motion by Bill Griffith and a second by Jim Zalmanek.

Treasurer’s Report: Bank balance is $16,374.36. Income included $250.00 dues deposit box refund and $0.53 bank interest. Expenses were $200.00 to Tri Lakes Cares. Outstanding obligations:
Firewise ………..…. .$219.46
Outstanding Income:
Owner contributions ........ . $375.00
Architectural Control Fees .. $ 25.00

Net gain outstanding $184.54
The Treasurer’s Report for May was approved following a motion by PK Robinson and a second by Frank Chuba.

Architectural Control: No new requests.

Old Business:
Firewise: There were 24 homes with slash chipped this weekend. 6 hours on Saturday an 3 hours on Sunday. Future dates are July 28, August 18, September 15. July slots are filled. Tri Lakes Methodist Emergency Preparedness Group will be working on June 23.

CWPP ( Community Preparedness Plan) for Red Rock Ranch prepared by Dave Betzler with help from the Colorado Forest Service, Dave Root and Tri Lakes Fire Department, Jamey Bumgarner can be found on the Colorado Forest Service web site at:

Web Site: Kevin Guy spoke about the web site. He will be updating the web site with a secondary domain as we fill out the new web site. Concern was expressed as to how to capture all of the “records” of meeting minutes, newsletters, etc. A simpler format would be preferable but past records must be able to be accessed.
A motion was made to use funds that were distributed last year to support the Web site to be used to start the update process with a cap of $150 at this time. More funds may be needed in the future. It is established that the records of meetings in the past need to be accessible to members of the HOA in the future.
This was approved following a motion by Frank Chuba and a second by Kevin Guy.

Nevins Park: Mowing the grass at Nevins Park was discussed. A motion was made to have Clair Brenneman mow the park. This was approved following a motion from Jim Zalmanek and a second by PK Robinson.

New Business:
The annual picnic/business meeting will be held on Saturday, 18August 2018 at noon in the Association Park. This year President Lonnquist’s husband will smoke meat for the picnic and the Board will provide paper plates, plastic ware and drinks. Residents are asked to take a side dish to share.

It was agreed by the Board members change representation to Hall & Evans, with Ryan Winters leading. This was approved following a motion by Elizabeth Lonnquist, seconded by Kevin Guy.

At 1945, President Lonnquist requested an executive session to discuss the Spruce Road situation.

At 2005, the executive session ended and Frank Chuba made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Jim Zalmanek with approval by all Board members.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 9 July 2018 at the Tri Lakes Cares building, 235 Jefferson Street in Monument.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Lonnquist