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December 12, 2022 Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Board Monthly Meeting

Zoom meeting called to order by President Beth Lonnquist at 7:03pm.

Board members present: Skip Chang, Kevin Guy, Paul Tillotson, Doreen McLaughlin, Bill Griffith, Julie Pheteplace and Shannon Kittleson

Guests present: Laura Quinlan, Matt Quinlan and Craig Pryor

President Beth Lonnquist asked if any guests had any concerns or comments at this time.  There were none.

November Minutes:  Will be approved in January 2023

Architectural Control: No ACC to report

Treasurers Report:  Director Bill Griffith reviewed the November Treasurer’s report with an ending balance of $20,624.69. Director Griffith reported that he received a check from the FVAWD for $1925.00  for the easement at the park.   Director Skip Chang made a motion to approve the November treasurer’s report and Doreen seconded.  The board unanimously approved the November treasurer’s report.  Director Bill Griffith will propose a 2023 budget at the January meeting.  Director Griffith motioned to donate $100 annually to Tri Lakes Cares.  Director Doreen McLaughlin seconded.  The board unanimously approved.

Director Kevin Guy inquired about expenditure to repair the water system at the park.  $400 was approved for that purpose at the last meeting and will roll over to 2023 budget.

Craig Pryor inquired about his request to correct the October minutes.  President Beth Lonnquist will follow up with Secretary Mark Fears and get back to Craig Pryor. 

There was discussion about how to maintain educational articles on the website. 

There was discussion about damage to the rail fencing at the park by the Monument water project.  President Beth Lonnquist will reach out to the Town of Monument to see if they will replace the damaged fence. 

President Beth Lonnquist accepted Director Doreen Mclaughlin’s resignation and suggested appointing Laura Quinlan to finish out Director McLaughlin’s term.  Director Julie Pheteplace made a motion to appoint Laura Quinlan and Director Bill Griffith made a second.  The board unanimously approved.

Member Meeting in April: There was a discussion about a venue for the annual member meeting in April.  President Beth Lonnquist will inquire if the Monument Chamber of Commerce building is available. There are 3 board positions that will be up for election in 2023. 

Old Business: Director Tillotson reported that the website has been working fine.

Park Clean-up and Repair: The flag in the park has been taken down due to broken rope.  Craig Pryor has agreed to replace the rope and rehang the flag, and to hang a new flag when necessary.  Director Skip Chang made a motion to approve up to $150 for flag repair/replacement.  Director Bill Griffith seconded.  The board unanimously approved.

FireWise: No FireWise activity to report.

Forest View Acres Water District: Next meeting January 25, 2023.

The Board reviewed dates for meetings in 2023. 

President Beth Lonnquist adjourned the meeting at 7:55 pm.

The Board went into executive session.