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March 13, 2020 Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

Board Members: Beth Lonnquist, Julie Pheteplace, Kevin Guy, Shannon Kittleson, Skip Chang,

Laura Quinlan


Guests: Craig Pryor, Tom Dermody

Meeting began at 7:02pm.

Beth began the meeting with questions from Tom Dermody.  He was wondering if Spruce (st.) was maintained by El Paso County.  The County does have responsibility for maintaining Spruce.  He asked about HOA dues and the covenant.  He was informed that the dues are voluntary but the covenants are mandatory.


Architectural Control Committee:

The request by the Yacks for approval of their shed was discussed.  Julie motioned for approval with Shannon having the second.  Board approved.


February minutes:

Mark motioned for approval with Julie second. Board approved.


Tresurer’s Report:

Bill couldn’t attend the meeting and Beth gave the report.  Nothing new in the report as far as payments/receipts.  Kevin asked about the bill for Cyberbasement (website support).  The bill was for $30.00 and was approved.

It was noted that there is an old “cc” that is no longer valid on the website.

Skip motioned for approval with Mark having the second.  Board approved.

Bill also sent out the proposed budget.

It was decided to bring up the annual Clean Up Day at the members’ meeting.

Julie motioned for approval of the proposed budget.  Skip had the second. Board approved.



Kevin reported that the calendar on the website was causing some problems. Paul and Kevin are researching the fix.  Temporarily suspending use of the calendar might be necessary.  They are working on the transition to the next website update (4.0).



Julie said June 17 is the only date finalized so far for chipping on the Firewise calendar.  More will probably be added at a later date. Julie gave Tom an explanation of what Firewise does and it’s accomplishments. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



Some of the fence still needs to be replaced from the City of Monument’s road work.

Craig volunteered to help with Park landscaping and maintenance.  The garden needs to be cleaned up and the use of drought resistant plants is recommended. Kevin is finishing up the work on the sprinkler system.



No new information about Red Rock Acres development and how that might affect the Water District.

There is another development in the works on the north side of HWY 105.  The development is in discussions with Palmer Lake about water/sewer.



Beth has sent a copy out to the Board for review. Laura suggested moving the donation form to the bottom of the newsletter to make it easy to use. The Newsletter will  be printed and mailed out within two weeks.

Kevin asked about the addition of covenant information into the newsletter.

Julie motioned for approval with Skip second. Board approved.


Annual Clean Up Day:

It was started originally to help with fund raising/dues collection as well as help with owners’ disposal of trash.  It hasn’t been as effective the last couple of years (covid?). Discussion ongoing about the number of days and dumpsters required. 


April 17 Owners’ meeting:

Will be held at the Chamber of Commerce building. Beth has sent out the agenda and mentioned getting proxies for Board members that will not be able to attend and from members also not attending.  There needs to be at least 42 votes from members/proxies at the meeting to make the voting valid.

Julie motioned for approval of meeting plan with Mark having the second.  Board approved.


New business:

A discussion was started about negotiating with waste disposal companies for a better rate for RRR homeowners.  Kevin said it was possible to get a better rate and incorporate dues into the rate plan.  The discussion did not suggest that the dues would be mandatory, just that it would be a way to streamline payments for participants.  Kevin said most companies required a two year contract and payment up front.

It is noted that Doreen has retired from the Board in December. Skip and Paul said they would not run in the next election. The Board thanks all three members for their service and wishes them the best in their new endeavors.

Skip motioned for adjournment, Kevin had the second. Board approved.


Meeting ended at 7:50pm.