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September 11, 2023 Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

Meeting began at 7:06pm, called to order by Scott Miller, vice president

Board Members:

Laura Quinlan, Julie Pheteplace, Kevin Guy, Scott Miller, Shannon Kittelson, Bill Griffith, Mark Fears


Craig Pryor

First Board Business item:

Rosalia McKean resigned.  Laura Quinlan was nominated to take Rosalia’s seat on the Board.  Mark motioned for approval and Julie had the second. Board approved.  The next scheduled election will be at the Members’s meeting on April 24, 2024



Julie motioned for approval and Bill had the 2nd.  Board approved.


Treasurer’s Report:

Bill reported that the month ending balance was $29,137.39.  There was a deposit of $250.00 in August and that there had been another deposit of $225.00 at the beginning of September.  Also, there had been $690.00 in ACC fees collected that had not cleared the bank at the time of the report.  Expenses were reported as $52.74 for printing of ballots, $52.05 for FireWise volunteer lunches, $296.00 in postage.  Interest accrued $1.70.  Payments contributions, including a carryover from 2022, amounts to $928.01.  Insurance expenses to date are $2,038.00.  Total contributions for 2023 are $10,275.00.  That is from 114 members, 54.81% of total members.  There have been 47 contributions above the suggested $75.00 level. There have been $890.00 in ACC fees collected.  Bill said he was working on a budget reconciliation in that the picnic was cancelled.

Laura motioned for approval of the report, Julie had the 2nd.  Board approved.



It was noted that minutes for April 2023 had not been posted.  Kevin to get with Mark to make sure he has the notes to post.

Website has some new updates and is working well.




Chipping moved from Sept. 9 to Oct. 21



Kevin has repaired the sprinklers.  Mowing has been done by Mark.

Board discussed removing the playground equipment.  There are no actual requirements for a certified inspection of the equipment. 

Several Board members have been to the park to examine the equipment and no problems have been found.  Board weighing the possible liability against having the equipment available for Members and their children. Scott has been researching new insurance for the Board/Park. 


Board property deeds:

Elizabeth went to the County offices and has current copies of the deeds.  These are available to Members upon request.  The Board believes it best not to have the deeds posted on the Website.  The deeds are always available from the County offices.


Posting of financial data:

Per Ketch Nowicki’s request, Bill discussed how the Board has been posting the HOA’s financial position.  Bill believes the Board is fulfilling it’s duty as to keeping records. Traditionally, the information is available to anyone who requests it but the full report hasn’t been posted in the minutes.  A summary of the Treasurer’s report is in the minutes each month.

It is intentional that individual members’ contributions aren’t posted in that the contributions are voluntary and the Board does not feel it is the Board’s responsibility to make public a member’s participation.


In Person meetings:

Board again discussed in person meetings in that most Board members would like to have in person meetings but Zoom meetings have been advantageous.  Many times, Board members have attended meetings while on vacation or out of town on business.


Chicken vote:

In that there has been a challenge to the validity of the last ballot, Scott proposed allocating $1,500 for more legal consultation.  The threat of more lawsuits is guiding the Board’s actions and expenditures. Colorado statutes require Y/N votes which the Board is trying to follow as well the Covenant requirements that a change to the Covenants have to approved by 51% of the members, either for or against. A plurality one way or the other does not pass an amendment.  Laura reported that there 156 votes out of 211 members.  The vote stands at 41% to 32%.  Neither Yes or No has enough for passage at this time.


FVAWD, Road construction, Red Rock Acres development:

No new information regarding the above except that Monument has more work on Red Rock Ranch drive planned.



The Picnic was cancelled due to poor weather being forecast for the day of the Picnic.


Park Masterplan:

Scott is working with Rosalia drawing up a plan for Park improvements funding.



Emails to the Board will be added to the minutes to help provide context for Board discussions/actions.


Trash services:

A member asked about proposed Board sponsored trash services.  The trash services would be voluntary.


Board concerns:

Shannon discussed Board members resigning because they felt harassed and didn’t think Board members should be subject to behaviors that are cause of anxiety or fear.  Board members are volunteers and not paid for their services.


Homeowner comments:

Craig asked about the change in Board agenda organization.  Member comments have been moved to later in the meeting to facilitate the conduct of Board business and dissemination of information at the beginning of the meeting.

Craig also asked whether or not we are “private”;

It was asked where the settlement language was acquired that Craig was quoting.


Standards of Conduct:

Board discussed Standards and it was determined that a review was in order.  Laura motioned for approval and Kevin had the second.  Board approved.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm.