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RRRHOA Monthly Board Meeting                                                   November 13, 2023

Meeting Locations: Zoom meeting.  Meeting was called to order by President Lonnquist at 7:16pm

Board members in attendance: President Lonnquist, Director Pheteplace, Director Quinlan, Director Kittleson, Treasurer Griffith and Director Guy.

Resident guests in Attendance: Mr. Nowacki, Mr. Yack, Mrs. Yack, Mr. Pryor and Mrs. McKean.

 Architectural Control:  Derek Heckmeyer 3885 Sierra Vista has requested approval for solar panels on south side of house. Director Pheteplace made a motion to approve, Treasurer Griffith made a second and the request was approved unanimously.

Director Kittleson has made contact with Selzer’s regarding the playhouse that is under construction.  She has not received a request for approval yet.

Approval of the minutes:  Director Quinlan made a motion to approve the October meeting minutes and Director Griffith made the second.  The October meeting minutes were unanimously approved and will be posted on the website.

Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Griffith presented the monthly Treasurers Report.  There was $150.25 in deposits and $56.95 in expenses. The ending balance for October is $30,066.70.  The FireWise Committee has $347.69 remaining and will be carried over to 2024.  Director Guy made a motion to approve the November Treasurer Report and Director Pheteplace made the second.  The November Treasurers Report was unanimously approved.

Old Business:  Rules & Standards of Conduct: A new version will be posted for another 30-day review.  There was a question on whether or not a blast email was sent.  A new email list is being compiled with resident’s permission.

Mr. Yack did not get an email and suggested the Board should review the settlement agreement.

RRRHOA Board Meeting Rules and Standards of Conduct:  Approve and post for additional 30-day comments

Web Site:  Post for 30-day comment period -

Firewise: Julie:  The last chipping date was October 21, 2023. 31 cubic yards of slash was chipped and 374 volunteer hours were accrued this season.

Park Flag: Mr. Pryor notified the Board that the flag was tattered and needs replacing. Director Pheteplace will purchase a 4X6 heavy duty flag for $35 and deliver it to Mr. Pryor who will install it.

Park master plan:  Mrs. Mc Kean presented a proposal of 5 options for the park Master Plan.

Option 1: New playground equipment.  Cost analysis for commercial equipment, not including installation: swing set =$1200-$4700, Merry go round= $1600-$4000, Slide= $3200-$13,000, See Saw= $1200- $1800.  Would need to factor in costs for insurance, installation and regular inspection.  Not recommended due to cost and liability.

Option 2: Walking path around park. Southern section of park is owned by another HOA and there are easements in areas which limits area.  Not recommended.

Option 3: Dog park.  This would require chain link fencing, benches, doggie bags and refuse container.  We need to consider the nearby residents hearing the dogs barking. Need someone to clean up and empty refuse container.  Not recommended.

Option 4: Do nothing. We have money and should make the park more useful. Not recommended.

Option 5:  Pickle ball court: Phase 1:  Repair cracks, repaint and add center post for net support.  Approximate cost $10,000.  Phase 2: Install basketball hoop at one end, approximate cost $ 1300-2500 plus installation.  Things we can do right now: put up a metal sign at entrance to tennis court (play at your own risk), change crank on net so users cannot over tighten and break, dig out dirt under the gate and install stone so that gate will open and close properly.  Mrs. McKean requested permission to get 3 bids for repairing and painting the tennis court.  Director Guy made a motion to approve Mrs. McKean getting bids, Director Pheteplace made the second and it was approved unanimously.  Director Kittleson offered to donate some stone tiles.

Mrs. Yack thanked Mrs. McKean for a very informative presentation.

Liability insurance:  Vice President Miller has secured liability insurance.

Forest View Acres Water District:  Next meeting is December 6.

Red Rock Ranch Drive: The resurfacing of Red Rock Ranch drive has been completed.  Public works has surveyed all roads in El Paso county and will make repairs over the next 20 years.  In January there will be an online site to check which roads are being repaired.

New Developments:  Red Rock Acres; nothing new to report

Schedule special election: April 15 or 16 depending upon availability location: Chamber house on 105.

NEW Business:

Homeowner correspondence to the Board:

Mr. Pryor requested a revision of meeting minutes: Director Guy made a motion to leave the minutes as written, and the Board did not approve or disapprove.  The item will be shelved until the next meeting.

Mr. Nowacki:  Request for paperwork with regards to properties, quarterly statements, sources for funding of the HOA, asset register, current agreement of Nevin’s park.

Our treasurer provides a treasurer’s report monthly, with income sources and expenses listed. The narrative provided contains all the quarterly information on a monthly basis.   Budget is printed annually in the newsletter.  The HOA is conservator of 2 properties with $0 value by the El Paso County Assessor’s office.  Mr. Nowacki was shown the deeds for both.  Nevin’s park is to be used as recreational space or returned to the Nevins’ family.

Director Pheteplace made a motion to close this item as complete, Director Quinlan made the second and the board unanimously approved.

Mr. Nowacki objected and indicated he had not received everything he requested.  The Board asked Mr. Nowacki to resubmit his requested with specific documents he would like to see.

Members in attendance: Director Pheteplace was contacted by a resident complaining about their neighbor’s property which is unsightly and a fire hazard because of lumber, junk and no fire mitigation.  The neighbors have had discussion with no resolution.  It was recommended they contact the El Paso County Code enforcement office. Director Guy is looking into a trash collection program for the HOA and asked how long of a commitment should be considered.  It was suggested a 1-year commitment was reasonable. Director Quinlan suggested he contact Lake of the Rockies HOA.


Resident concerns: Mr. Pryor also asked for clarification why the RRRHOA is exempt from CIOA.  President Lonnquist explained that the 2017 amendment to the covenants states we are exempt except for 4 statutes.  Legal counsel confirmed the exemption.

Round the room:

Next Meeting: December 11

2024 dates:    January 8                      February 12                              March 11                       April 15 or 16

                        May13                           June 10 * pending picnic date     July 8                            August 12

                        September 9                 October 14                                November 11                 December 9

Will firm up dates at next meeting.

President Lonnquist adjourned the meeting at 8:45pm.