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Architectural Control Guidelines
The Covenants are available under the information tab, then downloadable
Red Rock Ranch HOA
What Requires Approval:
The following items require Architectural Control:
 Home construction
 Detached Garages
 Green Houses
 Painting or staining
 Repaving Driveways
 Pools, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts
 Any other outside structure larger than 2 foot by 2 foot
Fee Structure: $.10 per square foot of structures, deck additions
$25 for repairs, replacements
Interior home remodels do not require approval of the Architectural committee.
When applying for an approval:
1. Architectural Request Form
2. Plot map of your lot and location of the structure with setbacks.
3. Samples: paint, stain, roofing material sample
4. Roofing material specifications (wind and hail rating), material Types
5. Permit numbers where required by the County (Homes, Additions, decks,
detached garages, car ports, swimming pools, ...)
6. Floor plans, elevations