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Synopsis of NEPCO General Membership Meeting, 13 May 2023
This synopsis is intended to provide the highlights of the NEPCO General Membership meeting
to all residents of NEPCO member Homeowner Associations. Full minutes & presentations at

Wildfire Preparedness Update:
Highlights noted that indoor air purifiers exist with HEPA filters that may be of consideration for
those homeowners who experience discomfort with resulting smoke from fires that get triggered.
Also reported was EPA is conducting a Smoke Sense Study focusing on increasing public
awareness and engagement related to wildfire smoke health risks. They have developed a
mobile app which can be found at the following web link - https://www.epa.gov/airresearch/

Transportation and Land Use (TLUC) Update:
Three development projects were highlighted on NEPCO’s area of interest map.
Thompson Thrift Apartments at Monument Higby Road was submitted to the Town of
Monument. The review by the Development Review Team was completed and will be going to
the Planning Commission in the near future. The proposed development is currently zoned
Planned Multi-Use Development (PMD), and the proposed land use is Multi-Family Residential
with 276 units.
Zeal and Jackson Creek in Monument. Development Review Team review is due 18
May 2023. The final plat was submitted to the Town that shows an approximate 20.1 acre lot,
and the narrative states it is conceptually planned for 172 duplex units. At some point a version
of the project will go the Monument Planning Commission.
Monument Ridge East Annexation by Town of Monument. Upon completion of
annexation, the zoning would be RA which would fit the concept drawings. A total of 37 single
family detached units are proposed in concept, along with a combination of multi-family units
consisting of 123 duplex units, 36 3-plex units, and 16 4-plex units for a total of 346 units.
Monument Ridge West Annexation by Town of Monument. Upon completion of
annexation, the zoning would be RA (Residential Attached) and CC (Commercial Center). The
conceptual drawing has a high likelihood for change as subsequent applications for development
plans progress.
Comments: Steve King, member of the Monument Town Council, commented that there
are around 2000 multi-family units coming to Monument. Jackson Creek Parkway expansion is
underfunded. Anyone who is interested in development proposals, even if you don’t live in the
Town of Monument, should comment to the Monument Planning Commission and the Board of
Trustees on new developments. Council member King stressed that re-zoning is NOT a right.

Guest Speaker:
HOA Attorney Bryce Meighan.
Bryce spoke on the bills addressed in the recent Colorado legislative session that affected
HOAs. He was happy to report that SB23-213 failed in the legislature. This was a good thing
because ADUs or adding more units on a lot poses many problems. HB23-178 passed and states
that vegetable gardens must be allowed in front yards and side yards of homes. HOAs must
provide three option plans for vegetable gardens. Also, artificial turf must be allowed in back
yards. These laws apply to all HOAs whether the HOA is in CCIOA or exempt. Bryce talked
about last year’s law (1137) regarding parking on public streets. He talked about fines and other
items of interest and answered numerous questions. Bryce stayed after the meeting to talk with
members one-on-one.