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{tab=Call To Order}

Presiding: Kelly McGuire

Present: Kelly McGuire, Bill Martin, Mark Fears, Jim Bergeron, Fred Lanyon, Michelle Miller, Frank Chuba, David Weber

Guests: Kevin Guy

The meeting was called to order by at 1900.

Minutes of the 12 January 2015 meeting were read and approved as written after a motion by Fred Lanyon and a second by Mark Fears.

{tab=Treasurer's Report}

Treasurer’s Report: The bank balance is $14,976.05.  There have been 5 voluntary donations totaling $175.00.  Architectural control fees amount to $75.00 and bank interest is 65 cents.  Additionally, an insurance rebate in the amount of $123.00 was received.

Total income: $373.65

Expenses total $163.96, including $153.96 for attorney fees and $10.00 for Association web site fees.

The annual tax return, due on 15 March 2015, was filed on 06 February 2015

Treasurer’s report was accepted following a motion made by Frank Chuba and a second by Fred Lanyon.

{tab=Arch Control}

Architectural Control:  Chairman Frank Chuba reports no new requests this month.

{tab=Old Business}

Old Business: President Kelly McGuire stated the only old business involved Board members receiving correspondence from the Association attorney, Lenard Rioth.

{tab=New Business}

New Business:  A lengthy discussion among Board members and resident Kevin Guy covered the recommendations made by Attorney Rioth about possible avenues to pursue in regard to the group home on 18375 Spruce Road.  The outcome of the discussion was to take these following actions:

  1. Mark Fears will check with El Paso County for rules and regulations covering group homes.
  2. Once the County rules are understood by all Member of the Board, a personal visit to the “Courage To Change” group home will be made to ensure they are in compliance.
  3. Director David Weber will compose a Red Rock Ranch Association Letterhead for President Kelly McGuire who will then forward, under his signature on the letterhead stationery, a four page letter to Mr. Jim Rowan, Manager of Quality Control, Office of Behavior Health, Department of Human Services in Denver, as recommended by Attorney Rioth. The gist of the letter states that the Spruce Road residence claims to operate as a therapeutic treatment center, but is not meeting the Colorado State Licensing Requirements set by Mr. Rowan’s Department.
  4.  The next spring newsletter from President Kelly McGuire will be sent to residents, and if Board members wish to insert articles, they must be sent in by 15 March 2015. 


With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 2007 by a unanimous vote after a motion made by Frank Chuba and a second by David Weber.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 09 March 2015 at the Tri Lakes Cares building, 235 Jefferson Street, Monument, Colorado.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Bergeron 

Secretary/Recorder, RRRHOA



Note: These minutes are in draft form and are not official until approved by the Board at the 09 March 2015 meeting.