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{tab=Call To Order}

Presiding: Kelly McGuire

Present: Kelly McGuire, Bill Martin, Jim Zalmanek, Jim Bergeron, David Weber, Michelle Miller

Guests: Tom Guenther

The meeting was called to order by President Kelly McGuire at 1900.

Minutes of the 09 February 2015 business meeting were read and approved as written after a motion by Michelle Miller and a second by Bill Martin. 

{tab=Treasurer's Report}

Treasurer’s Report: The bank balance is $14,813.93.  There have been six voluntary donations for a total of $225.00.00.  Architectural control fees amount to $75.00, an insurance rebate was $123.00 and bank interest accrued was $1.22.  Expenses amounted to $344.95 for legal fees.

 The treasurer’s report was accepted following a motion by Jim Zalmanek and a second by Michelle Miller.

{tab=Arch Control}

Architectural Control:  No report this month.

{tab=Old Business}

Old Business: Director Mark Fears was unable to attend this meeting, but did report to Jim Bergeron that he has made two trips to the El Paso County offices to obtain information concerning rules and regulations governing the “Courage To Change” rehabilitation center located at 18375 Spruce Road on Red Rock Ranch.  He will make a full report at the 13 April 2015 meeting.

The spring RRRHOA newsletter will be finished by Director David Weber on Thursday, 12 March 2015.

The letter suggested by Attorney Lenard Rioth, and approved by the Board, was mailed to Mr. Jim Rowan of Human Services in Denver concerning the 18375 Spruce Road property with copies sent to Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, the Pikes Peak Zoning commission and El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn for informational purposes.  These letters were mailed on 27 February 2015.

{tab=New Business}

New Business: President Kelly McGuire stated that the annual spring cleanup will be held on 05, 06 and 07 June this year at the same place in Nevins Park. There are no plans to handle slash this year.  As in the past, residents who have contributed a voluntary $35 donation may use the dumpsters free of charge; non-paying residents may dump for a $35 fee.  The garage sale that was held in past years will not be held this year.  Director David Weber will incorporate this information in the RRRHOA spring newsletter.

A reply was received from Pikes Peak Regional Building stating that they had received the informational letter sent to them on 02 March 2015 with a notation that they do not issue business licenses. No replies received from the Zoning Commission, Commissioner Darryl Glenn or Mr. Jim Rowan.

President Kelly McGuire showed Board members an article from The Denver Post that stated Colorado will join nine other states that require community association managers to obtain a license and comply with a long list of rules.  Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association does not employ a manager, so it does not appear that the article would impact RRRHOA.  President McGuire felt the Board should be aware of this action and stay current with any rules passed on 01 July 2015 that could affect small volunteer Associations.


With no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 1928 on a motion by David Weber and a second by Jim Zalmanek which was carried unanimously.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 13 April 2015 in the Tri Lakes Cares Building, 235 Jefferson Street, Colorado.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Bergeron 

Secretary/Recorder, RRRHOA



Note: These minutes are in draft form and are not official until approved by the Board at the 13 April 2015 meeting.