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{tab=Call To Order}

 Presiding: Kelly McGuire

Present: Bill Martin, Jim Bergeron, Kelly McGuire, Jim Zalmanek, David Weber, Frank Chuba, Mark Fears, Michelle Miller

Guests: David Martin

The meeting was called to order by President Kelly McGuire at 1900.  

As per Association policy, Resident David Martin was permitted to present his request at the beginning of the meeting in case he did not want to remain for the entire session.  Mr. Martin requested permission to re-roof his residence at 4710 Sandstone Road with 50 year asphalt shingles that are the same color as the ones being replaced.  He has an El Paso County permit, Prime Roofing will do the work, and the $25 fee has been paid.  Frank Chuba made a motion to accept the request, David Weber seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.

The minutes of the 13 April 2015 meeting were read and unanimously approved following a motion by Mark Fears and a second by David Weber.  

{tab=Treasurer's Report}

Treasurer’s Report: Bank balance is $17,430.15.  There have been 78 voluntary donations from residents since the first of the year totaling $2,950.00.  Architectural control fees are $75.00 from one applicant.  Interest amounts to $2.44 for a total income of $3,027.44 to date.  Expenses total $394.45 to date.  Treasurer’s report unanimously accepted following a motion by Frank Chuba and a second by Mark Fears.

{tab=Arch Control}

Architectural Control: Chairman Frank Chuba reported that the final exterior colors of a residence at 18240 Stone View Road being constructed by Sean and Sandra Starks have been received by him.  This residence was previously approved by the Board pending submission of the colors, and now has final approval from all members present following a motion by Frank Chuba and a second by Jim Zalmanek.

{tab=Old Business}

Old Business: President Kelly McGuire presented the schedule with hours and dates that Board members volunteered to work at Nevins Park during the spring cleanup weekend. Director David Weber stated that he has the banners announcing spring cleanup and will post them at the appropriate time.

Members report much less activity at the Spruce Road residence housing “Courage to Change.”  Treasurer Bill Martin said he no longer sees their residents hiking in areas near his house which had been a regular occurrence in past weeks and months.

{tab=New Business}

New Business: The Board received a letter from Ron and Mary George at 3585 Range View Road expressing concern that there will be no slash program at this year’s spring cleanup.  Treasurer Bill Martin agreed to send them a letter to explain the Board’s decision and reasoning for not slashing this year.

President Kelly McGuire received a letter from Dylan Trujillo of the Colorado Rural Water Association stating that a meeting will be held on Tuesday, 19 May 2015.  President McGuire will attend on behalf of the Association.

Director Mark Fears noted that underground water pipes have been stacked on the corner of Sierra Vista in preparation for new lines to be laid in that area and El Rancho Way.  He also stated that he gave his thanks on behalf of the Board for the work put in by David Weber on the spring newsletter.


With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 1922 on a motion by Frank Chuba, seconded by David Weber and carried unanimously.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 08 June 2015 at the Tri Lakes Cares building, 235 Jefferson Street in Monument.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Bergeron 

Secretary/Recorder, RRRHOA

Note: These minutes are in draft form and are not official until approved by the Board at the Jun 2015 meeting.