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      Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting and Hearing

                                                14 August 2017




Presiding for the Meeting: Beth Lonnquist

Present: Beth Lonnquist, Jim Bergeron, Fred Lanyon, Frank Chuba, Kevin Guy, Bill Griffith

COMO Officials: Presiding for the Hearing, David Munger, Max Cupp

Guests: Patti Farley-Barker, Peter Hill, P.K. Robinson

The meeting was called to order by President Beth Lonnquist at 1900

As per Association policy, resident Pete Hill was allowed to present plans, before the start of the meeting, for a new metal roof and a different color paint on his residence at 18620 Pike View Way. The paint color of the house will be Juniper Ash with Summer Shower Green trim with color samples shown to Board members. The metal roof will be Weathered Timber in color and a sample of that was shown to the Board. After review, Frank Chuba made a motion to accept the plans and it was unanimously approved following a second by Fred Lanyon. The required fee was paid.

The meeting was turned over to Mr. David Munger at 1905 who then conducted the hearing concerning John and Joan Green, owners of the residence at 18375 Spruce Road, who are in violation of Red Rock Ranch HOA covenants concerning single family residence as a consequence of a business being conducted on that site.

Beth Lonnquist recused herself from the board for this issue.

The hearing was convened so Mr. and Mrs. Green could present their views, but neither of them was present. The Greens were also advised that they could have an attorney present if the Board was notified 10 days in advance of the hearing. The Green’s attorney, Rachel B. Maxam, Esq., did send a letter (that is entered into the record) to the Board stating that neither she nor the Greens would be present for the hearing. Letters from John and Joan Green were entered into the record.

Letters from attorney for RRRHOA Lenard Rioth were also entered into the record.

After a vote of 4 yea’s and 2 no’s from Board members, the hearing commenced.

Mr. Munger started by discussing the RRRHOA covenants and the pending case against the Greens. He then said anyone can speak during the hearing, but it must be on this present issue.

Beth Lonnquist then was given the floor and presented several complaints against the residence on Spruce Road known as Courage to Change and Soaring Hope Recovery Center. Nuisance incidents between lot owners, their families, and the Green’s renters were described. All of these complaints have been entered into record. The Single Family Requirement violation was discussed and entered into the record.

Mr. Munger asked for comments from other Board members and Fred Lanyon expressed his concern over the possibility of the HOA and/or Board members being involved in a law suit and possibly being sued.

Bill Griffith stated that even though the Greens say they have never been approached about settling the situation in a neighborly manner, they have been totally inaccessible. The Board does not have a valid telephone number or address other than a PO Box number.

Mr. Munger felt the Board has done a good job in following RRRHOA rules and covenants and suggested consultation with the Board attorney, Lenard Rioth. He said the Board could make a decision now or delay it until a later date. Kevin Guy made a motion, seconded by Bill Griffith and approved by the Board that a decision not be made until consultation with the attorney scheduled for 1700 on 15 August 2017.

With no further business to discuss, the hearing was adjourned at 2031.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be the annual picnic/business meeting at noon on Saturday at Nevins Park, Saturday, 26 August 2017.


Respectfully submitted,

Jim Bergeron

Secretary/Recorder, RRRHOA