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                Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Annual Picnic/Meeting

                                                    25 August 2017




Presiding: Beth Lonnquist

Present: Beth Lonnquist, Jim Bergeron, Fred Lanyon, Kevin Guy

Guests: 32 RRRHOA residents

Meeting called to order at 1200 by President Lonnquist.

Jamey Bumgarner, Battalion Chief of the Tri Lakes Fire Department, spoke to the assembled about fire mitigation on the Ranch and steps that individual owners can take to make their property safer from fire and allow easy access and egress for fire fighters. He then entertained questions from homeowners.

President Lonnquist followed up with a talk on chipping to be done in June of 2018, a request for volunteers to help maintain the Nevins Park, and a sign-up sheet for property inspection and evaluation by the Fire Department. She also recognized Andre Mouton who organizes a group from the Tri Lakes United Methodist Church Community Preparedness Group, whose motto is HUGG (Help Under God’s Grace) that had been working on fire mitigation at the home of a widow on the Ranch. The widow was present and told the assembled group how hard they had worked and how much she appreciated their efforts.


Treasurer’s Report: President Lonnquist gave an overview of the Association financial status.

Current bank balance is $13,125.85

Total Income for prior 12 months: $6,384.28

Total Expenses for prior 12 months: $6,913.65

Old Business: President Lonnquist addressed the Spruce Road situation and informed residents that the Board is following the covenants and the covenant enforcement policy. She said it is a slow process that will continue.

Firewise: There is a committee that is helping with the Community Wildfire Preparedness Plan (CWPP) and it is hoped to have annual goals for the neighborhood. The group has started with one property on Abo Lane and residents are invited to join and meet this group after the meeting and lend a hand.

New Business:


Traffic/Speeding: Painfully slow at30, then 25 in residential areas, but think of it as our president does; pre-meditation to unwind before getting home or heading out. If there is excessive speeding the Board has contacts for you to notify authorities.

Park Maintenance: Thanks to Craig and Blanca Pryor for the work they put into the park. Garden volunteers are always needed. Two trees and four bushes need to be replaced (budget items for this fall or next spring). It was noted that deer are eating the trees and bushes, especially in the winter months when vegetation is sparse.

Tennis Courts: Resurfacing is needed, but the Board will look into costs before moving on with this project.

Playground Equipment: This item is tabled for the time being and a committee will be formed to look into funding.

The president asked for questions and/or comments from residents.

A common question and comment was the condition of non-paved roads on the Ranch that are really in bad condition after the weeks of recent rain. Paving was suggested, but at this time El Paso County will have to make that determination. In the past the residents of that street have been asked by the county to pay for it. The Roads Department has said cost of paving is roughly $1 million per mile.

One resident complained about the intersection of State Highway 105 and Red Rock Ranch Drive that has a steep slope before entering 105 and also needs to be squared. Who is responsible since it is state and county land – and not Red Rock Ranch property.

A resident said she contacted the County about putting up stop signs at certain intersections on the Ranch and was told no new ones would be erected – only signs already up can be replaced.

In her final remarks, President Lonnquist thanked everyone for attending and especially thanked Kevin Guy for bringing drinks and cooking the bratwurst and hamburgers that Jim Bergeron brought and Sandra Robben-Weber for bringing a grill, American flag, propane and helping with the cooking and maintaining the garden.


The meeting/ picnic ended at 1324.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 11 September 2017 at the Tri Lakes Cares, 235 Jefferson Street, Monument, Colorado. .

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Bergeron

Secretary/Recorder, RRRHOA