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                   Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting
                                                       10 June 2019


Presiding: PresidenBeth Lonnquist

Present: Beth Lonnquist, Jim Bergeron, P.K. Robinson, Paul Tillotson, Bill Griffith

Guests:  Shannon Kittleson, Dave Betzler

The meeting was called to order by President Beth Lonnquist at 1900.

Architectural Control:
P.K. Robinson submitted a request on 13 May 2019 for a Tuff Shed at 4625 Limestone Road that measures 6’by 15’.  It is not visible from the street and the required fee was paid.  Approval was not given at the time because of a lack of a quorum.  Bill Griffith made a motion at this meeting to accept the request and motion carried after a second by Paul Tillotson.

Still need driveway information, permit numbers and a check for the Garza home.  An e-mail was sent to him in February.  No construction started at this time. Plans have not been received from Skip Chang.

Ryan and Jamine Madison of 3555 Range View Road submitted requests for a 6’ by 8’ greenhouse, a hedge to reach four feet in height, and a gazebo. Required fee paid.  Motion to approve made by Bill Griffith with a second by P. K. Robinson with Board in agreement.

Kimberly Roby of 18040 Forest View Road submitted a request at the May meeting for a fence, deck and stairs and paid the required fee, but approval was not given due to a lack of a quorum.  At this meeting, Paul Tillotson made a motion to accept followed by a second from Bill Griffith.  The Board agreed.

Terri and Kevin Christensen requested permission for a studio to be added to their house at 4580 Sandstone Road.  It will measure 40’ by 16’18” and will contain a bathroom and an office.  Fee has been paid, but no building permit noted on the request.  Motion to approve pending a building permit made by Paul Tillotson and a second by P. K. Robinson.  Board concurred.

Jim and Bridgette Balbierz of 4710 Sandstone Road requested permission for siding to the house, paint of earth tone color and a garage door.  Permit has been obtained. The Board approved following a motion by Bill Griffith and a second by Paul Tillotson.

Rosalia and Paul McKean, 4715 Limestone Road requested permission to paint their residence.  The color is a tan earth tone.  No fee received at this time. P. K. Robinson made a motion to accept pending payment of fee and a second by Paul Tillotson followed by Board approval.

Shannon Majestic Kittelson of 18515 Vista View requested permission to erect a four foot wood fence with mesh that meets RRRHOA standards.  Approval was given after a motion by Bill Griffith pending payment of fee and a second by Paul Tillotson.

President Lonnquist made copies of written policies for Board members including:

  1. RRR Out Buildings
  2. Items requiring approval
  3. RRR fencing
  4. RRR Re-subdividing


Approval of Minutes:

     April minutes were approved following a motion by P. K. Robinson and a second by Bill Griffith.
     May Memo for Record approved after a motion by P. K. Robinson and a second by Paul Tillotson.

 Treasurer’s Report: The current bank balance is $17,492.83


     Bank Interest…………… ….        0.58


 Firewise Crew Lunch………...…41.50
Contributors above $75………………..27
Total contributions (Year 2019)...8,215.00
Treasurer’s April Report approved following a motion by P.K. Robinson and a second by Paul Tillotson.

Treasurer’s May Report approved following a motion by Paul Tillotson and a second by P. K. Robinson.

 Firewise: Dave Betzler of the Firewise Committee gave a presentation of activities on the Ranch including chipping dates and that the Tri Lakes Fire District will receive a chipping machine this Friday, 14 June 2019.  The Colorado State Forestry Service is offering a $1,000 matching grant and the matching part can be monetary or in volunteer hours. NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) is offering a $1,000 grant at sites of excellence.  To obtain the grant, proof must be submitted of completed projects.  A reporter from the Gazette newspaper contacted Dave Betzler about publishing an article about the Firewise community that will provide good publicity and perhaps provide an incentive for more people to mitigate.  The right of way clearing that was planned for overgrown areas on Ranch roadways has been suspended by El Paso County due to negative input from affected residents along these roads.  President Lonnquist suggested a meeting of RRR residents and the HOA at the local library about Firewise needs on the Ranch.  She will compose a letter for Board members to read and give suggestions as needed about the proposed meeting.  The president is also looking into insurance coverage for volunteers who help with chipping.

 Clean Up: The cleanup on 07 and 08 June was a success, but two roll-offs were not completely filled.  Board members were asked to ponder the idea of skipping a clean up for next year.

 Chickens: Resident Jamie Madison asked for the change/Amend covenants Policy and that was sent on 05 June 2019.

 Park/ Water Shed: The shed has been righted after being toppled during a severe wind storm.  Board member Paul Tillotson has secured the shed using screws instead of staples that were previously in place.  Board member Kevin Guy has made an assessment about needed repairs for the water system and P. K. Robinson made a motion to authorize up to $300 for needed supplies and the Board approved following a second by Paul Tillotson. The president thanked whoever was able to pick up the shed to its original position.

The tennis court was discussed and $1600 was approved for repairs after a motion by P.K. Robinson and a second by Paul Tillotson.  Repairs include filling cracks, paint, line paint and equipment.  Work is planned to weed, fill in cracks and paint during the month of July.  The gazebo is also in need of paint and that will be addressed at upcoming meetings.

 Electronic Communication: E-mails have been gathered with their request as to the type of communication they would like to receive.  All information is BCC and the HOA does not distribute homeowner e-mails.

 With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 2024 and the Board went into Executive Session.

Executive session ended at 2042.

Meeting adjourned at 2043.

 The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on 08 July 2019 at the Tri Lakes Cares building, 235 Jefferson Street, Monument, Colorado.


Respectfully submitted,
 Jim Bergeron 
Secretary/Recorder, RRRHOA