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                   Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

                                                      08 July 2019


Presiding: Beth Lonnquist

Present:  Jim Bergeron, Beth Lonnquist, Paul Tillotson, Bill Griffith, P.K. Robinson, Kevin Guy

Guests: Phil Goetzman, Ryan and Jamine Madison

Meeting called to order at 1900.

Phil Goetzman was allowed to speak first to present plans and samples for a new house at 18439 Forest View Road for Yong and Terri Chang.  It will be a two-level home with 2400 square feet on the main level.  Outside will be stucco and stone trim.  The colors and roofing material meet covenant standards.  Approval was made by the Board, pending a building permit, after a motion to accept made by Bill Griffith and a second by Paul Tillotson.  The required fee was paid.


Further Architectural Control:  The Garza home- still need driveway information, permit numbers and a check to the HOA.  Their plans are to move forward in July, but it is not known when they plan to start building.

The Architectural Control Policies covering Fencing, Roofs, Sub-dividing lots, and Out Buildings have been written and the Board agreed to have them posted on the Association website following a motion by Kevin Guy and a second by Paul Tillotson.

Ryan and Jamine Madison presented plans for a gazebo, pergola, and requested clarification concerning their plans to alter the covenants regarding chickens on the Ranch.  The plans were approved and questions about covenants were answered to their satisfaction.


The June meeting minutes were approved after a motion to accept by P.K. Robinson and a second by Bill Griffith.


Treasurer’s Report: Bank balance on 30 June 2019 was $18,010.35.


     Architectural Control Fees…………$312.50

     Resident Contributions………………750.00


     Firewise Banner……………………...149.98

     Tri Lakes Disposal………………...…395.00

Total contributions to date……………...$8,440.00

Contribution percentage………………….51.9%

Total Architectural Control fees to date…$362.50

Treasurer’s Report accepted after a motion to accept by Paul Tillotson and a second by Kevin Guy.


Old Business:

                    Web Site: Firewise requests a Contact tab and Architectural Control guidelines will be posted in a drop-down under Architectural Control.


New Business:

 A bill in the amount of $525.10 was received from the law firm of Anderson, Dude and Lebel for phone calls made on behalf of the Association.  A motion to pay was made by P.K. Robinson and seconded by Paul Tillotson.  Since the receipt of this bill was a surprise to the Board, President Lonnquist agreed to contact the law firm asking that future phone calls be approved by her.

Kevin Guy will pay the $23.00 bill to CyberBasement for domain renewal with an HOA credit card.


The Board expressed thanks to Kevin Guy and Paul Tillotson for their work on the Park watershed.  Thanks also to Paul Tillotson for mowing grass and maintaining the HOA lot behind his property.  Resident Craig Pryor receives kudos for edging Park property abutting his property. P.K. Robinson trimmed and did edging around the Park after a recent mowing.

The tennis court is in the process of being refurbished.  Bill Griffith has sprayed RoundUp on weeds and will repeat the application.  P. K. Robinson will attempt to cut back very stubborn and tough vegetation.

P.K. Robinson will tackle the job of removing concrete from tires in the goal posts that were left on the Park two or three years ago and then dispose of the remains.

Guest Jamine Madison, who prefers to be addressed as Jamie, expressed interest in joining the Board.  After answering her questions and showing her enthusiasm for Board activities, a motion to accept her as a Board member was made by Paul Tillotson and seconded by Kevin Guy with Board concurrence.

Jamie Madison volunteered to look into grants for park improvement, but said those funds, if approved, would be for the year 2020

Electronic Communication: E-mails have been gathered with residents’ requests as to the type of communication they would like to receive. All information is BCC.  The HOA does not distribute homeowner’s e-mails.

Picnic Signs: Signs have been missing for two years and will cost $150 to replace the pair.  Jim Bergeron will research this since past Board member David Weber recently dropped off items at his house and the signs may be among those things.

Picnic: The annual picnic is on Saturday, 17 August 2019 at Nevins Park starting at noon until 1400.  The Board will provide Teriyaki chicken, pulled pork, utensils. Kevin Guy and Bill Griffith will provide drinks and Jim Bergeron will have buns ready for the meats. Residents are asked to bring a side dish.  Guest speaker will be Jamey Bumgarner of the Tri Lakes Fire District. The Board agreed to allot $120 to send post cards to residents advising them of the picnic and the important message from Mr. Bumgarner about road clearance and Firewise related subjects. The motion to spend the $120 was made by Jim Bergeron and seconded by Jamie Madison.


The meeting was adjourned at 2016 so the Board could go into Executive Session.

The Executive Session ended at 2054 and the meeting was adjourned at that time.


The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on Monday, 12 August 2019 at 1900 in the Tri Lakes Cares building, 235 Jefferson Street, Monument, Colorado and the annual picnic/business meeting will be at 1200 on Saturday, 17 August 2019 at the Nevin’s Park on Red Rock Ranch, Colorado.


Respectfully submitted,




Jim Bergeron 

Secretary/Recorder, RRRHOA