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                   Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

                                                       13 July 2020



NOTE:  Due to the corona virus pandemic and meetings/gatherings of more than ten people discouraged by the Colorado governor, this meeting was conducted via Zoom.



Presiding: PresidenBeth Lonnquist


Present: Beth Lonnquist, Kevin Guy, Jamie Madison, Shannon Kittelson, Paul Tillotson, Bill Griffith, Julie Pheteplace


Guests: Skip Chang


 The meeting was called to order by President Beth Lonnquist at 1904.


Architectural Control:

William Griffith: Landscaping his property with Firewise in mind.  Motion to approve was made by Paul Tillotson and seconded by Julie Pheteplace.  Passed by the Board.

Skip Chang: placement of solar panels on his south facing  garage roof. Motion to approve was made by Shannon Kittelson and seconded by Julie Pheteplace.  Passed by the Board.

Jim Zalmanek: New patio added below his deck. Motion to approve was made by Julie Pheteplace and seconded by Jamie Madison.  Passed by the Board, subject to receipt of completed ACC Request form and additional funds.

Kevin and Tina Peppers: Add split rail fencing with wire to Stone View Property. Motion to approve was made by Bill Griffith and seconded by Paul Tillotson.  Passed by the Board.


Discussion about all changes to exteriors larger than two feet by two feet (including roof replacements, painting landscaping) requires approval from the HOA Architectural Control Committee.  Residents are requested to send in their request for approval (even after work is completed, if necessary.)


Minutes of the 08 June 2020 meeting will be approved electronically.  They are currently posted on the web site.


Treasurer’s Report: The current bank balance is $26,170.68.



     Bank Interest…………… .        0.83


      Web site     ............…………50.00


Total contributions for 2020 …..$10,350

Contributors above $75………….…44

Total ACC fees to date………….973.20

Total Exceptional 2020 Expenses:

     Net Firewise Contributions…$1,450.74

     Legal Expenses to Date……….None

     Insurance Expenses to date…..141.00

Treasurer’s Report approved after a motion to accept by Julie Pheteplace and a second by Paul Tillotson.



Old Business: It was again agreed to put the covenant updates on hold until the Board can meet in person in July for in-depth discussion, assuming the state meeting restrictions are lifted.

Web Site: Kevin Guy requested approval for 2 years fees, $300 cap,  to pay for the domain name and the SSL certificate for the web site and other expenses.  Motion made to allocate $300.00 by Bill Griffith and seconded by Julie Pheteplace.  Passed by the Board.


Firewise The next chipping date is August 8.  Sign up for future dates can be made at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  HOA dues must be paid to participate.

Julie Pheteplace has brochures for evacuation from Red Rock Ranch . Printing will be paid for by El Paso County. Motion to approve was made by Shannon Kittleson and seconded by Bill Griffith.  Passed by the Board. 

 An email attempt will be made to distribute the brochure in August, in addition to distribution.



Watering system for the area by the tennis courts is still being repaired.

Tennis Courts: Jamie Madison spent the day cleaning and power washing the courts.  She has secured a bid to repair the courts that may be reasonable.  With further investigation as to specifics and a contract Jamie will move forward with securing a detailed contract.  Final approval is pending a detailed contract and all questions are answered.

Mowing was done in June, once we have an invoice we will pay him for the work done.  Motion to approve a cap of $600 total for the year of mowing was made by Julie Pheteplace and seconded by Shannon.  Passed by the Board.


New Business:

Skip Chang has been a resident to Colorado since 1992 and has recently moved to Red Rock Ranch and wants this to be his forever home.    With the resignation of PK Robinson, Skip has volunteered to be a board member. Motion to approve was made by Bill Griffith and seconded by Julie Pheteplace.  Passed by the Board.


Jim Bergeron has vacated his position on the board with over 26 years of volunteering for the RRRHOA.  He will be greatly missed and we wish him well with his free time!


We are looking into a possible new location unless we can have access to Tri Lakes Cares room.


Bus Stop: Replacement costs with a cap of $250 for materials for the Sandstone Bus Stop was proposed by Bill Griffith. Motion to approve was made by Julie Pheteplace and seconded by Skip Chang.  Passed by the Board.


August Picnic:  With concerns of COVID and concerns for liability from the spread of COVID, The picnic has become a health concern.   Motion to cancel the picnic was made by Jamie Madison and seconded by Julie Pheteplace.  Passed by the Board.

Beth will come up with signage and picnic cancellation will be posted on the web site.  The August meeting will continue as a zoom meeting. 


Board Positions:

Every two years the term of presidency is up for renewal or change.  Motion to have Beth Lonnquist continue as President. was made by Skip Chang and seconded by Paul Tillotson.  Passed by the Board.


With the resignation of Jim Bergeron, the position of Secretary was open to be filled.  Starting in August Skip Chang will fill that position. Motion to approve was made by Bill Griffith and seconded by Kevin Guy.  Passed by the Board.


There is still one vacancy on the Board.  If anyone is interested they can contact the board through the website.


Mt Herman Parking Areas:

David Weitz  and the Firewise Committee presented a request that the RRRHOA send a letter to the Forest Service to designate certain areas next to Red Rock Ranch as parking during the day with no camping.  The areas in question about the Ranch and have become a place for campers to stay for up to five months at a time.  There is concern about the danger of fire and health issues since the one bus in particular had no toilet facilities and nearby fields were being used. (See attachments for further detail)

A letter making various agencies aware of this request will be mailed out. A motion was made by Julie Pheteplace to partner and forward support to the National Forest Service to establish trail heads with parking only and no camping.  A second was made by Kevin Guy and the Board concurred.



With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 2016 on a motion by Paul Tillotson and a second by Jamie Madison.


The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 10 August 2020 at Tri Lakes Cares, 235 Jefferson Street, Monument, Colorado assuming the meeting restrictions are lifted.  A Zoom meeting would be a replacement.



Respectfully submitted,



Elizabeth Lonnquist

President/Recorder, RRRHOA