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Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

14 September 2020



NOTE:  The meeting was split between in person (Beth Lonnquist and Skip Chang) at Skip’s shop and remainder of the board members joining in via Zoom.



Presiding: PresidenBeth Lonnquist


Present: Beth LonnquistKevin Guy, Shannon KittelsonPaul Tillotson, Bill Griffith, Julia Pheteplace


Guests: None


The meeting was called to order by President Beth Lonnquist at 1901.


Architectural Control:

Walt and Linda Sales: Install a new Tuff Shed on their property.  The shed will not be placed within the property easement.  Application was approved electronically prior to the board meeting due to the timing needed for the construction.

Ed Contract: New landscaping plan. Motion to approve was made by Julia Pheteplace and seconded by Shannon Kittelson.  Passed by the Board.


Minutes of the 10 August 2020 meeting was approved electronically.


Treasurer’s Report: The current bank balance is $26,286.12.


         Contributions                        $75.00

         ACC                                      $25.00

         Bank Interest                         $0.90


         Mt Herman Rd Letters           $24.60


Total contributions for 2020             $10,580.00

Contributors above $75                   44

Total ACC fees to date                    $1,152.00

Total Exceptional 2020 Expenses:

         Net Firewise Contribution      $1,302.47

         Legal Expenses to Date          None

         Insurance Expenses to date     $141.00


Treasurer’s Report approved after a motion to accept by Skip Chang and a second by


Upcoming expenses: $1,300.00 left to spend on Firewise.  Financially in better shape than last year..


Firewise Done for the year.  Last chipping occurred on Friday 9/12/20.  $1,000 donation from the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) will be donated to the Tri Lakes fire department chipping program.


New Business: Beth is in process of getting new bids for insurance for next year.  Expect the premiums to be approximately $3K - $4k.  Same as current year.  Due to our past litigation, it will take approximately 5 years before the rates go down.


Rosilla McKean asked the board on the storage of a pop-up camper with a “camo” tarp at the corner of Limestone and Red Rock Dr.  Beth Lonnquist has a picture of the said camper.  The camper is ~15’ from the road with no tree cover or any other vegetation cover.  The covenants does not forbid the storage of the camper on the property.  It only says that the home owner should attempt to make them less conspicuous and look nice. 


David Jones has concerns about a log burning fire pit on El Rancho Way.  Permanent Fire-pits are not directly addressed in the covenant.  Regulations regarding fire pits and open flames are controlled by the county and various fire burning restrictions.  El Paso county is currently in a Stage 2 Fire Restriction (as of August 24, 2020).  Stage 2 mandates no wood burning fires outdoors.  RRRHOA has no jurisdiction on this matter.


We still have 1 open board seat available.  If any RRRHOA member in good standing is interested in joining the board, please email your interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 12 October 2020 at Tri Lakes Cares, 235 Jefferson Street, Monument, Colorado assuming the meeting restrictions are lifted or Skip Chang’s shop.  A Zoom meeting would be a replacement.



Respectfully submitted,



Skip Chang

Board Member/Secretary, RRRHOA