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Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

9 November 2020


NOTE:  The board meeting was held via Zoom.


Presiding: PresidenBeth Lonnquist

Present: Beth Lonnquist, Kevin Guy, Shannon KittelsonPaul Tillotson, Julia Pheteplace, Skip Chang and Mark Fears

Guests: None

The meeting was called to order by President Beth Lonnquist at 1900.


Guest Concerns:

There is concern for extended camping at the Mt Herman Parking Lots.  Campers seem to be staying longer than 10 days and having fires during state 2 alerts along with human waste and trash left in the area.  There is a Friends of Monument Preserve on Tuesday 11/10/20.  Beth Lonnquist is planning on attending.


Architectural Control:

April and Sean Reish.: Update from last month’s report.  Not updating the roof at this time.  They are aware of the fire protection requirement of the Covenant on the type of shingles to be used.


Shannon Kittelson’s neighbor, added fire pit with concrete pad and other landscaping.  In addition, they built a pergola/gazebo – not included in the original architecture control review form.  Shannon Kittelson will follow up with her neighbor regarding updated ACR form and additional fee.

Minutes of the 12 October 2020 meeting – motion to approve by Julia Pheteplace and second by Mark Fears.  Passed by the board..


Treasurer’s Report: The current bank balance is $26,129.78.


         Contributions                        None

         ACC                                     $75.00

         Bank Interest                         $0.61




Total contributions for 2020            $10,655.00

Contributors above $75                   44

Total ACC fees to date                    $1,287.00

Total Exceptional 2020 Expenses:

         Net Firewise Contribution      $1,133.50

         Legal Expenses to Date          None

         Insurance Expenses to date     $141.00


Treasurer’s Report approved after a motion to accept by Paul Tillotson and a second by Kevin Guy.  Passed by the board.


Other Items:

Beth Lonnquist will determine if the RRRHOA was charged for the water drawn from the tennis court water spigot during the FVWD water line repair.


Mark Fears has not received any response back from tennis court refinishing companies for an estimate to refinish the HOA’s tennis court.  Skip Chang suggested having lines for two pickle ball courts to be included in the refinished tennis court. 


RRRHOA Covenant does not allow chickens on the property.  Mark Fears’ neighbor was seen with chickens on their property.  Beth Lonnquist will send a letter reminding the neighbor of the Covenant restrictions.


Firewise Application for 2021 season was made by Beth Lonnquist.  No communication has been received as to the acceptance for next year. Grant money, $1000, for 2020 from NFPA for sites of excellence was donated to the Tri Lakes Fire Department.  Tri Lakes Fire Department has provided chipping for the 2020 season for RRRHOA.  The Firewise Committee will ask for more support next year from Tri Lakes Fire Department.



New Business:

Additional information was sent to the insurance broker to find an insurance carrier that will underwrite the D&O insurance for the RRHOA board of directors.  No insurance carrier has been identified at this time.  In order to give boundaries to the insurance broker when searching for the new D&O policy, a motion to cap the D&O premium to $5,000 for $1M of coverage was made by Kevin Guy, second by Mark Fears.  Passed by the board.


Better pricing on the General Liability insurance was identified by the insurance broker ($1,121 per year vs $1,816 for the current carrier renewal price).  Motion to proceed with the cheaper insurance broker was made by Skip Chang, second by Julie Pheteplace.  Passed by the board.


RRHOA is requesting members to submit articles for the annual Newsletter.  Submittal by beginning of February 2021 for distribution to members in March 2021.  Email your article to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Julia Pheteplace passed on request by resident Rosalie McKean, to coordinate volunteers to decorate the park for the holidays.  Motion to provide $200 in funds for lights and other decoration was made by Skip Chang, second by Mark Fears.  Passed by the board.


We still have 1 open board seat available.  If any RRRHOA member in good standing is interested in joining the board, please email your interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 14 December via Zoom meeting due to the ongoing COVID situation.

Meeting to adjourn, motion by Mark Fears.  Second by Paul Tillotson.  Passed by the board.



Respectfully submitted,

Skip Chang


Board Member/Secretary, RRRHOA