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Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

14 December 2020



NOTE:  The board meeting was held via Zoom.


Presiding: PresidenBeth Lonnquist


Present: Beth Lonnquist, Skip Chang, Kevin Guy, Shannon Kittelson, Bill Griffith, Julia Pheteplace and Mark Fears


Guests: None


The meeting was called to order by President Beth Lonnquist at 1900.


Guest Concerns:

Police Chief Vanderpool and Fire Chief McCarthy is concerned about evacuation route 3 on the Firewise flyer.  Their concern has to do with the number of people that will be exiting through an already tight Palmer Lake neighborhood.  Beth Lonnquist plans to meet with them in January.  Dave Betzler and Beth Lonnquist are also meeting with Monument police as to evacuation routes in January in a separate meeting.



Architectural Control:

Mary Hoffman.: Would like to install a Tuff Shed on her property at 18385 Pixie Park Rd.  Shannon Kittelson does not have the ACR form, drawings or placement details.  Mary Hoffman verbally informed Shannon Kittleson that the shed is grey with black roofing.  Without the required information and/or site survey, we do not know if the shed matches their home.  Bill Griffith informed the board that Mary Hoffman has already sent in the payment for the Architectural Control board review.  Shannon Kittelson to follow up with Mary Hoffman.

Board recommend tentatively approved the request pending required forms and a visual inspection by one of the board member.

Motion to approve the request by Julia Pheteplace, second by Shannon Kittelson, approved by the board.


David Bertz, the owner of Lot #4 of the Hix lots, located on Stone View Road, submitted the ACC form for his new house and the detached shop.  Tiffany Homes is the builder.  Per the HOA Covenant, the loft in the detached shop cannot be used as a residence.  Board recommends conditional approval pending a letter from David Bertz indicating that the loft in the detached shop shall not to be used as a residence and the payment for the ACC review.

Motion to approve by Mark Fears, second by Bill Griffith, approved by the board.


April and Sean Reisch completed the re-roofing of their home.  The ACC sent an email to April and Sean Reisch to confirm that the roof tiles used conforms to the requirements specified in the Covenant (e.g., 35 – 40 year roof).  Waiting reply from April and Sean Reisch.



Minutes of the 9 November 2020 meeting were read and motioned to approve by Mark Fears, second by Julia Pheteplace, approved by the board.


Treasurer’s Report: The current bank balance is $24,831.80.


         Contributions                       None

         ACC                                     $75.00

         Bank Interest                       $0.21


         Insurance Premium              $1,212.00

         Park Holiday Decorations    $138.76

         PO Box Annual Rental        $114.00


Total contributions for 2020         $10,655.00

Contributors above $75                44

Total ACC fees to date                 $1,362.00

Total Exceptional 2020 Expenses:

         Net Firewise Contribution   $1,133.50

         Legal Expenses to Date       None

         Insurance Expenses to date $1,262.00


Treasurer’s Report approved after a motion to accept by Paul Tilotson and a second by Kevin Tillotson.  Passed by the board.


Forest View Water District has rescinded the water usage bill during the water restriction mandate while the water district was locating the water leak.  The board is considering adding new locks to the hose bib by the tennis court.


Bill Griffith recommended the board to approve donation of $200 to the Tri-Lakes Shares food bank.  Tri-lakes Shares has graciously allowed the RRRHOA to use their conference room for the monthly board meeting.

Motion to approve by Mark Fears, second by Julia Pheteplace, approved by the board.


Other Items:

Covenant Clarifications:

1.      Limit of 2 out buildings per residence.  If a home owner has a detached garage and a shed, the home owner has reached their maximum out building allowance.  If the home owner wishes to add a greenhouse, one of two options are available.  Option 1 – remove the shed and install the greenhouse.  Option 2 – attach the greenhouse to the shed, thereby, it’s one structure.  For either options, ACC approval is required.

2.      If a detached garage is connected to the house via 25’ of covered walkway, is it considered one structure?  Answer:  No.  It’s determined to be two structures.  In order to be one structure, a common wall must exist between the two structures.

3.      Is a pergola out on the field considered an out-building?  Answer:  Yes.

4.      No short term rentals are allowed.  Short term is defined to be less than 6 months.  Board discretion for allowing for renting of the house by the previous owner from the new owner during the house sales transaction.


Firewise Status of the Application for 2021 season is still pending. 


New Business:

Insurance:  We are still looking to acquire D&O insurance.  Due to the lawsuit from 2016/17, we are not able to find a carrier that will underwrite a policy for the HOA.  Beth Lonnquist is still investigating options.  General Liability insurance for the HOA is current.

As a possible stop-gap, Beth Lonnquist has requested the board members to investigate whether each board members could obtain individual umbrella insurance rider for volunteer board member coverage.


It was brought to the attention of the HOA board that a resident at 3680 Rangeview Rd is maintaining chickens at their residence.  Chickens are not allowed per the Covenant.  Beth Lonnquist will draft and send a letter to the homeowner.


RRHOA is requesting members to submit articles for the annual Newsletter.  Submittal by beginning of February 2021 for distribution to members in March 2021.  The newsletter mailing will include the Firewise Evacuation brochures.  Email your article to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Board Position Change:

Skip Chang has resigned his duties as the Secretary of the Board.  He will remain as a board member.  Julia Pheteplace and Mark Fears to share the Secretary of the Board duties.


We still have 1 open board seat available.  If any RRRHOA member in good standing is interested in joining the board, please email your interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 11 January 2021 via Zoom meeting due to the ongoing COVID situation.


Motion to adjourn the meeting by Julia Pheteplace, second by Mark Fears, approved by the board.



Respectfully submitted,



Skip Chang


Board Member/Secretary, RRRHOA