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September 13, 2021 Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Assoc. Board Monthly Meeting

 Zoom meeting called to order at 7:02pm

 Board members present: Elizabeth Lonnquist, Kevin Guy, Bill Griffith, Shannon Kittelson, Skip Yang, Julie Pheteplace, Paul Tillotsen, Doreen McLaughlin, Mark Fears


 Matt Quinlan, Craig Pryor, David Jones, Julie Yack

 Director Lonnquist asked if any of the guests had concerns. None were presented.

 There was a discussion of new residents and the locations they had moved into.

 Architectural Control:

 No new business.

 Thank you to all the Board members that contributed time, materials, food and drinks, along with mowing and painting.

 There was a good turnout for the August members meeting with 35 people and 20 homes represented.

 Treasurer’s report:

 Director Griffith reported that there had been $350.00 in new contributions with $100.00 of that designated for lawsuit expenses. He said that there has been $425.00 donated previously for the lawsuit. Another $50.00 had been received from Architectural Control fees along with $0.19 in interest.  $1525.00 had been paid in attorney fees.  There has been $9919.95 received YTD in contributions and this includes $625.00 designated for legal expenses.  41 parties have contributed more than the recommended $75.00.

There was no new Firewise expenses.  Julie moved to approve the Treasurer’s report with Shannon for the second.  All voted in favor.


 It was reported that about 45 homes have had chipping done through FireWise. Try Lakes FD is supporting FireWise. Julie reported that there would chipping on Saturday the 18th to include 14 properties and right of way clearing.  There also was the possibility FireWise meeting on the 14th.  There is a evacuation drill scheduled on October 2nd.


 Paul and Kevin said website is running well with no problems.  The website has been updated to make minutes access easier.

 Park repairs:

 Homeowner David Jones has made an offer to pay for painting pickle ball lines on the tennis court.  He reported on what he had been told would need to be done and how much it would cost.  He felt that the court was being under utilized and that it could be a great asset to the community and also offered to conduct pickle ball clinics. The Board agreed that this was a good idea and thanked Dr. Jones for his contribution.  There was hope the work could start in about three weeks.  Keven motioned for approval and Skip seconded.  Board voted in favor.

There was additional discussions about watering existing plants and Skip and Mark were going to coordinate moving the larger rocks in the park.

 Forest View Water District:

 Meeting on September 22nd.

 Red Rock Ranch Acres:

 El Paso County Commissioners meeting on September 14th.

 Lawsuit status:

 Kevin reported that ongoing negotiations were still underway.

 Elizabeth asked for any additional comments and the problem with Pine Beetles being mentioned.  Kevin was going to research what could be done about mitigating the beetles.  Also, what trees and plants are allowable so as not to plant invasive species.

 Meeting was adjourned with a motion from Julie and the second from Mark.