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October 11, 2021 Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Assoc. Board Monthly Meeting

 Zoom meeting called to order at 7:04pm

 Board members present: Elizabeth Lonnquist, Kevin Guy, Skip Chang, Julie Pheteplace, Shannon Kittelson, Paul Tillotson, Doreen McLaughlin, Bill Griffith, Mark Fears

 Guests: Matt Quinlan, Denise Geller, Andrea Riley

 Architectural Control:  Discussed with Andrea Riley the color of the new house, also drainage and driveway access and the stucco finish.  Board recommended having a Firewise inspection.  Skip Chang motioned for approval with Shannon the 2nd.  Board approved,

 Discussed the request for the fence for the Burdine garden.  The Board discussed fence regulations and whether the location of the fence would obscure the ability of drivers to see traffic at the nearby intersection.  Mark motioned for approval and Skip had the 2nd.  Board approved.

 The siding request from Denise Geller was approved with Paul making the motion and Julie for the 2nd.  Board approved

 Guest concerns:  Elizabeth asked if there were any guest concerns for this meeting.  There were none.

 Approval of September Minutes:  The Sept. minutes were approved with minor grammar and typing edits.

 Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s report wasn’t completely finalized.  Approval postponed to the November meeting.  Bill did say that the HOA treasury was now about at $20,000.  There was also a donation of $400.00 to the Tri-Lakes Fire Dept. for their support of Firewise.  The Tri-Lakes FD has been a very good supporter of Firewise.

 Website:  No issues reported with the website.  It is being well maintained by Paul and Kevin and is being used below capacity.

 Firewise:  Firewise is done for the year.  There was chipping done for 14 houses on Sept. 14.

In a related matter, there was an evacuation drill scheduled for October.  Julie suggested that thank you notes be sent out to all that helped with chipping and clearing of right-of-ways.

 Doreen began a discussion of what the utility companies are allowed in regards to trimming/removing trees.  The utilities do have authorization to clear trees that may be a hazard to utility service.

 Park Repairs:  Painting for the Pickle Ball court may start in December.  Elizabeth stated that the HOA cannot officially support a tournament due to insurance restrictions.  Bill reported that we had a water bill of $0.34 from the park.

 New Business:  Elizabeth reported on General Liability insurance for the HOA.  It will be due November 16th.  Bill motioned for approval with Kevin for the 2nd.  Board approved.

 Forest View Acres Water District: Their next meeting is on October 27. There is a vacancy on the Water Board. Kevin suggested we add a link to Forest View Acres Water District to the HOA website.  Board agreed.

 Red Rock Ranch Acres: Rezoning passed.  It will still be some time before work starts with some issues still to be resolved.

 Elizabeth asked for approval to send to the County a letter about camping on empty lots on Limestone.  Julie motioned for approval with Skip for the second.  Board approved.

 Current Lawsuit Status:  There have been exchanges between the Board and the Yacks.  Work on the lawsuit is ongoing.

 Elizabeth asked if there was any other discussions from the Board.  Kevin mentioned pine beetles and what might be done with them.  Elizabeth has a link to an arborist.

 As a final note, it was reported that there had been 230hrs. of chipping and 92hrs. of right-of-way clearing done in the HOA this year by Firewise.  Lots of good work accomplished.

 Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 with a motion by Julie and Paul 2nd.