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February 7, 2022 Red Rock Ranch Home Owners Association Meeting Board Monthly
Zoom meeting: was started at 7:00pm.

Board Members: Elizabeth Lonnquist, Kevin Guy, Julie Pheteplace, Shannon Majestic, Bill Griffith, Skip Yang, Paul Tillotson, Doreen McLaughlin, Mark Fears
Guests: Rosalia Mckean, David Yack, Julia Yack, Matt Quinlan, Dave Pheteplace, Julie Burmeister,

Election of Board Positions:

Elizabeth was nominated for President with Bill having the first motion and Skip having the
Bill was nominated for Treasurer, Paul had the first and Skip the second.
Mark was nominated for Secretary, Julie had the first and Skip the second.
Shannon was nominated for ACC chairman. Mark had the first with Bill having the second.
Vice President was added as there had not been one on the previous Board. Skip was
nominated with Kevin having the first and Bill the second. All the nominations were approved
by the Board.

Special Meeting:

There were 103 returned ballots for the Special Meeting. This was a very successful meeting
and the Board wants to thank everyone who participated. The Board also wants to thank
everyone who ran for positions on the Board.

Guest concerns:

Rosalia volunteered to become a historian for RRRHOA. A notification will be put on the HOA
website of her work and asking for contributions from other members with knowledge of RRR
Dave Pheteplace is now on the Forest View Acres Waterboard. He gave the HOA Board
information about the Water Board activity and efforts to rehabilitate the Dawson well and
added that there are 340 lots on the water system. He also discussed the City of Monument
building a storage tank close to RRR. He told the Board that the Water Board was seeking an
easement on RRRHOA property to facilitate the interconnection of the Forest View Acres
system with the City of Monument system. This would give us some insurance for continued
uninterrupted water service in the future. Work for adding the required equipment would start
late 2022, early 2023.
The Board approved the easement with Mark having the first motion and Paul the second.
Dave asked that there be a link to the Water District website added to the RRRHOA website.

Architectural Control:

Julie Burmeister was in attendance to submit her request for new construction at
48bb Sandstone Dr. Julie Phetelplace motioned for approval and Mark had the second. Board
Approval of Minutes:
The Minutes were approved with Bill having the first and Skip the second.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bill reported that the Board had $17,311.24 to begin the month. There had been $450.00 in
donations by six homeowners and that David Jones had donated $750.00 to cover the cost of
painting the pickle ball court. There were $801.00 in legal fees. Also, there had been $10.00 in
registration fees and NEPCO dues of $55.00. $0.15 in interest had been collected from the
bank account there is $488.00 in carryover funds for Firewise. At the end of the month there
was $16,895.39 in the HOA account. Doreen motioned for approval of the Treasurer’s report
with Skip having the second. Board approved.


An education tab as been added to the website. Also, information about Director terms and a
link to the FVA waterboard to be added. The website has been improved with an update to a
more secure and stable operating system.

Park Repairs:

No activity due to winter weather.


GL insurance is secured. WC policy is secured. At the time of the meeting, D&O coverage was
still pending.

Forest View Acres Water District:

Bill explained our billing from FVAWD. At this time HOA usage has been minimal with little
expense. Kevin has pieces for the watering system in the park and will be looking into hooking
up the watering system in warmer weather.
The next meeting of the FVAWD was to be Feb. 23.


The newsletter is to be mailed in March and articles and changes were requested to be
submitted in the next two weeks.

Legal Settlement:

New policies will require and a 30 day announcement period and there is a 30 day review
period for existing policies. Discussed how to distribute information to homeowners about
policies from 2016, 2017, and 2018. There will be an announcement in the newsletter. Also
discussed the need for corporate records request policy.
Non-Disclosure Agreement can be requested from the HOA website now. Discussed the
dissemination of information after signing the NDA.
Julie motioned for approval of information guidelines with Bill having the second. Board
An email has been sent to answer a request about the definition of Single Family vs. Single
Family dwellings. Skip motioned for approval with minor changes and Doreen had the second.
Board approved.
Also discussed the 2002 Covenant and 2017 Covenant and what is valid at this time.
It was decided that the 2022 revision should show both parts together and that a single tab on
the website would be a single PDF showing the three sections.
The Board thanked Julie Pheteplace for running the vote at the Special Meeting.
Discussed new sign info and Paul is getting it printed to be placed in the Park.
Discussion of working with National Forest Service for a fire ban and coordinating with
Julie suggested creating a welcoming committee and adding a participation draft letter to the
Doreen announced she may be moving.
Meeting Adjourned: Julie had the first motion and Doreen had the sec