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April 11, 2022 Red Rock Ranch Home Owners Association Board Monthly Meeting

 Zoom meeting started at 7:05pm

 Board members present:
 Skip Chang, Kevin Guy, Elizabeth Lonnquist, Paul Tillotson, Bill Griffith, Doreen McLaughlin, Shannon Majestic , Mark Fears

 Craig Pryor, Tammy Jones

The meeting started off with FireWise because of the Board’s concern with possible wildfires in our area and concern over evacuation plans for the neighborhood.  Dave Root and Dave Poletti from Colorado State Forest Service spoke about the need for active mitigation of fuel for fires.  Before people moved into the area, small fires would regularly burn and keep the needle and scrub oak levels down.  Now, the amount of trees, pine needles, and leaves has increased dramatically and creates a huge hazard.  It was recommended that there be about 10 feet of space between trees and that scrub oak can stunt the growth of pine trees. Vegetation close to the side of roads is a concern for fire crews trying to fight fires. CSFS is working with FireWise.  CSFS can come out to do evaluations for $70.00. Scheduling can be done for almost anytime.

Insects were also discussed because of pine beetle infestations. Kevin asked if anyone else had any success in fighting beetles. It was recommended that spraying only occurs if there is an actual infestation and carefully follow instructions for using pesticides because of the potential to affect other insects and animals.

CSFS has information and a pamphlet for dealing with beetles.

Chipping dates are June 11, July 16, August 13, and October 1.  More information at rrrfirewise.com.

Architectural Control: 
Discussed Cindy Goodwin’s garage addition.  New section will be lower than the original structure but don’t have permit yet or site map.  Paint will match.  Skip motioned for approval with Bill seconding.  Board approved.

March Minutes: 
There was a request for a change to reflect the statement regarding member opinions on chickens. Doreen motioned for approval of minutes, Bill had the second.  Board approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Bill presented the report stating there was $17,661.32 in the Board account at the end of March.  There had been $2,550.14 in deposits.  As to expenses, there has been $352.00 for insurance, $801.00 in legal expenses (no new billings since January), and a carryover for Firewise. $1,280 is for the dumpsters and $49.87 for park sign. Contributions totaled $6175 and ACC fees have totaled $569.30 to date. It was asked how many open lots are left.  The estimation is that there are 12 lots left open.  Kevin motioned for approval and Skip seconded.  Board approved.

Bill presented the Budget noting that there wasn’t any changes to the January budget at this time.  Electronic payments were discussed but that isn’t feasible at this time.
The Board’s use of CyberBasement for IT support was discussed.  CyberBasement has given good service for the Boards IT requirements.
Bill reported that the HOA doesn’t have to pay the Water Board for infrastructure. Only for water used.
The line in the budget for legal fees was reviewed for continued expenses pertaining to covenant advice.

No plans for park expenditures at this time.

Covenant Vote:
Board has until May 1, 2022 to collect the Covenant votes.  Approximately 33 percent have been returned to date.  51 percent of homeowners voting to affirm is needed to make changes to the Covenants.

Rentals were discussed.  Rentals are allowed if for six months or longer. 

Also, CCIOA  (Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act) was discussed and whether the HOA was subject to CCIOA.  Kevin believes we are.

Discussed dispute resolution in the future.

Elizabeth proposed eliminating the requirement for recurring votes every 20 years for the Covenants. 

New Business: 
Discussed Annual Cleanup coming in June.

Bill brought up the continuing long term camping at the Mt. Herman trailhead.  Question of whether there is evidence of increased vandalism and increased fire hazard.  There are restrictions on how long camping can be used at the site.  Can the Forest Service and County be persuaded to monitor the site more closely?  There are limited manpower resources for policing.  Skip suggested we look into combining with other HOAs to hire private security or create a local crime watch.

FireWise is hiring a chipper in June and Bill proposed the HOA increase our donation to $600.00 to help with the rental.  Skip motioned for approval with Kevin seconding.  Board approved.

People driving too fast was discussed. 

Discussed what is required to initiate service with Mountain View Electric.

Discussed water quality.  It was also noted that Forest View Acres Water District has three board positions coming open.  Vote is May 3.

Craig Pryor asked about the 30 day comment period and about the upcoming vote on poultry.

Doreen reported on hiring a surveyor to locate marker pin because of property line dispute. 

Next meeting is on May 10.

Meeting adjourned at 9:07. Paul motioned for approval with Skip having the second.  Board approved.