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This synopsis is intended to provide the highlights of the NEPCO General Membership meeting to all residents of NEPCO member Homeowner Associations. Full minutes & presentations at www.nepco.org.

Community Outreach Committee Report: Dave Betzler, Chairman of the Community Outreach Committee, provided a report outlining recent activities.

Wildfire Preparedness Committee Report: Beth Lonnquist, new Chair of the Wildfire Preparedness Committee, presented charts on wildfire mitigation.

Transportation and Land Use Committee (TLUC) Report:  .  Since NEPCO currently has no volunteers for the TLUC, the Board decided to cease most activities for transportation and land use review in the county and the Town of Monument until interested volunteers come forward.  The one activity in which the Board decided to engage is the proposed Caliber development of approximately280 units in multiple buildings on land just south of Palmer Ridge High School off Monument Hill Road.  The county requested that NEPCO facilitate a neighborhood meeting with impacted HOAs, and Mike will be leading an effort to do that. NEPCO members interested in volunteering to be a member of the NEPCO Transportation and Land Use Committee should contact Mike Aspenson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Panel Discussion on the Pros and Cons of HOA Management Companies: Brandon Helms is certified as a CMCA, AMS, PCAM and as an Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC).  Brandon talked about the top five attributes (or “pros”) of using HOA management companies.  The 5th is that it will Minimize Liability because they have experienced experts to protect HOAs.  The fourth is Compliance to ensure that the HOA is compliant with the laws and HOA governing documents as well as generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).  The third is Relationships because they interface with many agencies and organizations.  The second is Experience because they provide personnel with long-term working positions.  And the number one reason to hire a management company is Resources because they have the resources to do the jobs needed by HOAs.  HOA Management Companies are professional problem solvers.

Tim Miller is the president of the Tall Pines Ranch HOA which consists of 51 homes on lots of 2 ½ acres each.  Tim described how his HOA went through three management companies in a fairly short time.  The first company didn’t have a good contract with the HOA and they were let go.  He described how it is very important for the HOA Board to understand all the terms and conditions of the contract before signing with a management company.  The second company (a small company) was selected after the Board interviewed five candidates.  The personnel with this second company changed careers shortly after being hired and thus didn’t work out.  The third company was formed by a member’s spouse and has worked out fine ever since.

Harold Larson is president of the Heights Property Owners Association which consists of 54 homes on 26 acres in the Woodmoor area.  Harold described the problems his HOA were having when the Board managed the HOA affairs by themselves.  There were many conflicts in the community and talk of abandoning the HOA altogether.  The Board under Harold finally sought help from the Woodmoor Improvement Association, a very large and highly experienced HOA.  Woodmoor worked with the Heights POA to solve their systemic problems, provided Heights with counsel to re-work their Rules and Regulations, and helped the Heights POA get good people to volunteer for the Board.  Woodmoor then agreed to manage the affairs of the Heights POA for a fee – basically serving as their HOA management company.  Woodmoor is self-managed. Harold explained how this process saved their HOA.

HOA Attorney Bryce Meighan made several observations in favor of using management companies.  He said that generally there is less risk of a lawsuit if the HOA uses a management company.  Self-managed Boards often perpetuate the same mistakes year after year.  Record-keeping is generally not the best if self-managed.  And, generally, HOA management companies identify possible issues and problems before they happen.  He said the only negative aspect (“con”) of using an HOA management company that he can think of is that they will force the Board to follow the law and their HOA documents.

More details of the presentation are located on the NEPCO web site at www.nepco.org under meeting presentations.