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 Synopsis of NEPCO Meeting 13 July 2019

This synopsis is intended to provide the highlights of the NEPCO General Membership meeting to all residents of NEPCO member Homeowner Associations. Full minutes & presentations at www.nepco.org.

Transportation and Land Use Committee Report (Vice Chairman Paul Pirog)

Paul Pirog (High Pines Owners Association), Vice Chairman of the NEPCO Transportation and Land Use Committee, provided a status report on the land use referral projects currently reviewed and under review in 2019. NEPCO reviewed 23 proposals in 2018 and have already reviewed 24 in 2019. Paul provided a detailed update on the following projects being reviewed by NEPCO: Monument Marketplace: Ferrari Films approved in this new commercial area just north of Wal-Mart on Jackson Creek Parkway. Forest Lakes II: PUD preliminary plan approved with 180 lots on 287 acres with large open space unbuildable. Monument Academy Site Development Plan: Southeast corner of Hwy 83 and Walden Road; traffic issue on Hwy 83 identifiedRollin Ridge Estates: Sixteen 2.5 acre lots with a commercial area on southwest corner of Hodgen Rd and Hwy 83 intersection. The Ranch: Near Stapleton and Meridian just outside the NEPCO area; in review. Walden Preserve 2, Filing 4: 23 lots on 45 acres next to the Monument Academy site; density and traffic issues identifiedFlying Horse Medical Office Building: Monument approved the 11,607 sq. ft. building on Washington St between 3rd and 4th Streets. CONEXUS Business Park: Approved ten lots between I-25 and Old Denver Hwy just east of the Ice Rink. Sanctuary Pointe Phase-2 Filing 6: Approved 59 lots on north side of Sanctuary Rim Dr; Sanctuary Rim Dr will be paved to connect to Gleneagle Dr this summer. Wolf Business Park Lot 4: In review. Winsome (McCune Ranch): About 75 lots near Hodgen Road and Meridian Road; water and traffic issues identifiedGrandwood Ranch: 48 2.5 acre lots on 147 acres north of Higby Rd and east of Fairplay Dr.; traffic issue identifiedJackson Creek North Filing 2: 85 lots east of Jackson Creek Parkway south of Higby Road; traffic issue identifiedAlbert Ranch: 40 acres near Walker Road and Steppler Road; No issues! Paul also explained the projected residential growth in the 80132 area is expected to be a 39% increase in population from 2017 to 2022 due to the new residential developments.

New NEPCO Wildfire Preparedness Committee: Matthew Nelson (WIA), Chairman of the NEPCO Wildfire Preparedness Committee, stated that a draft committee charter has been written and provided to the Board for review. He stated that the purposes of the new committee are the following:

 Provide a resource to disseminate wildfire preparedness and mitigation information to NEPCO member HOAs.

 Direct NEPCO member HOAs to resources, programs, and subject matter experts.

 Encourage collaboration among NEPCO members and other communities.

 Ensure NEPCO membership is up to date on most current wildfire-related science and information.


HOA Insurance: Our guest speaker, Ronda Ashley, Vice President of CB Insurance and a NEPCO Business Associate Member, spoke on HOA insurance types, options, compliance and insurance market trends. The following are some of the topics she covered in her presentation. Objectives of the presentation are the following: (1) to provide NEPCO members with a basic understanding of the insurance coverage necessary to protect homeowner associations, (2) to assist NEPCO board members in complying with the insurance section of their governing documents and any applicable statutes, and (3) to provide an update on the insurance market trends in Colorado, most specifically the front-range region; What guides coverage structure? Six Basic Types of Coverage: Property, Crime, Commercial Liability, Business Auto, Professional Liability, and Worker’s Compensation. She then provided charts with detailed considerations for each of the six basic types of coverage listed above. Other topics included (a) 2019 Market Trends, (b) Underwriting Factors, and (c) “Not so fun” facts.

The charts provided by the speakers have more detailed information on these topics and can be accessed on the NEPCO website at www.nepco.org at Members Login, Meeting Presentations.