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  Synopsis of NEPCO Meeting 18 May 2019

This synopsis is intended to provide the highlights of the NEPCO General Membership meeting to all residents of NEPCO member Homeowner Associations. Full minutes & presentations at www.nepco.org.

Status of Proposed Tri-Lakes Rural Transportation Authority (RTA): Donna Wood reported that she and Tom met with the Monument Town Manager, the County Engineer, and Palmer Lake officials to discuss the proposal for a new RTA in the 80132 area code. Positive reception from all. Potential new revenue for road repair would be about $3.1M/year using a new 1 % sales tax and funds from vehicle registrations. The goal is a 2020 ballot question for the RTA.

Transportation and Land Use Committee Report (Chairman Tom Vierzba)

Tom Vierzba, Chairman of the NEPCO Transportation and Land Use Committee, provided a status report on the land use referral projects currently reviewed. NEPCO is currently reviewing 16 new projects submitted so far in 2019. The El Paso County Road Maintenance process is changing. District 1 only to be worked in 2019 and District 3 only to be worked in 2020. The road paving schedule for this summer was presented. I-25 and Powers Interchange: Interchange from I-25 to Voyager is 90% design completed; bids in 2019, complete in 2021; section of new Powers from Voyager to Hwy 83 is on PPRTA “B” list and could start in 2022. Willow Springs: Located south of Monument on an extended Mitchell Rd; 396 homes on 224 acres; annexation approved by Monument. Grandwood Ranch: 48 2.5 acre lots on 147 acres north of Higby Rd and east of Fairplay Dr.; community informational meeting scheduled for 6:30-8:30 pm at the Woodmoor Barn on May 28. Home Place Ranch: New road plan intersects Higby Rd at same location as Grandwood Ranch road plan. Flying Horse Medical Office Building: 11,607 sq. ft. building in Monument on Washington St between 3rd and 4th Streets. CONEXUS Business Park: Ten lots between I-25 and Old Denver Hwy just east of the Ice Rink. Monument Academy Site Development Plan: Southeast corner of Hwy 83 and Walden Road. Walden Preserve 2, Filing 4: 23 lots on 45 acres next to the Monument Academy site. Sanctuary Pointe Phase-2 Filing 6: 59 lots on north side of Sanctuary Rim Dr; Sanctuary Rim Dr will be paved to connect to Gleneagle Dr this summer. Tom also explained the projected residential growth in the 80132 area is expected to be a 39% increase in population from 2017 to 2022 due to the new residential developments.

Wildfire Preparedness: Woodmoor is sponsoring a Wildfire Preparedness Day on Wed, June 5, at the “Barn”. Speakers, resources, information and refreshments. All NEPCO member HOAs are invited.

Two New HOA Laws from the 2019 Legislature: HOA Attorney Bryce Meighan spoke on the following:

HB19-1050, Amendment to CCIOA’s Drought Prevention Measures, applies the limitations on how homeowners associations may regulate the use of xeriscape or drought-tolerant vegetative landscapes to special districts and allows homeowners to use xeriscape or drought-tolerant vegetation to limited common areas, where before it only applied to property owned by the unit owner.

HB19-1212, Recreation of Manager Licensing for Associations, was intended to clarify the definition of “independent contractors” that do not need licensing versus “community association managers” that do require licensing. It did not define what actions or duties constitute “clerical, ministerial, accounting or maintenance functions” and has very ambiguous definitions of “community association management” (CAM). Post-meeting: Gov Polis vetoed this bill and the manager licensing program will expire July 1.

Some Results from the Colorado 2019 Legislative Session: Terri Carver, District 20 State Representative, spoke on the following: Toll Lane Bill to restrict CDOT’s authority died in the Senate. Still no long-term sustainable transportation funding mechanism ($300M is a one-time funding this year). Electric vehicle legislation: New law imposing fines on non-electric vehicles parked at electric vehicle charging stations and a new law allows energy producing companies to build charging stations and add the cost to all customer’s bills. $1M added to the wildfire mitigation grant program. A new Broadband Infrastructure Installation Bill. A bill on marijuana THC Potency Study passed. Representative Carver can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The charts provided by the speakers have more detailed information on these topics and can be accessed on the NEPCO website at www.nepco.org at Members Login, Meeting Presentations.