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The HOA Board has presented a Covenant change ballot to the HOA members due (post marked or otherwise received by the Board) no later than October 7. This ballot is a part of the settlement of the recent lawsuit. There have been a few homeowner questions about the proposed changes.   

The only proposed changes to the existing Covenants are related to Article 20.  There are sections of Article 20 that, other than formatting, are unchanged from the original Covenants:

a) Firearms and fireworks, No change
b) Excavations, No change
c) Wells, No Change 
d) Laundry, No Change

The only changes proposed are with regards to section b; Animals and Pets.

 The first ballot option for Article 20 (Option 1) restates the current covenants defining what a Household pet is... kept inside the home as a pet. All other animals will not be allowed, and there is a short example (but emphasized) list of horses, pigs, poultry or goats. You cannot have a kennel for commercial breeding, and your animal/s cannot impact your neighbor.  This option clarifies the current HOA Covenant for the future.

 The second option for Article 20 (Option 2) includes the formatting changes proposed in Option 1 but also allows an exemption for a homeowner to keep chickens.  (While not addressed in the Covenant language, a homeowner may have an unlimited number of chickens per the El Paso County Land Development Code if the owner has at least a one-acre lot).

 Either Option 1 or Option 2 would need 51% approval of the HOA homeowners with this vote to be included in the Covenants.  

 Option 3, means no changes to the current Covenants which is not as desirable as Option 1 or 2 as the existing language regarding animals (particularly chickens) has caused confusion and contention among the HOA members.

The Board believes that majority support for Option 1 (no chickens) or 2 (chickens permitted) will be in the best interest of the HOA.

Your RRRHOA Board