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August 8, 2022 Red Rock Ranch Home Owners Association Monthly Meeting
 Board Members:  Elizabeth Lonnquist, Julie Pheteplace, Skip Chang, Kevin Guy, Doreen McLaughlin, Bill Griffith, Shannon Kittelson, Paul Tillotson, Mark Fears

Guests: Meeting called to order at 7:03pm.

Architectural Control Committee: Doreen McLaughlin presented her request for building a new deck.  Mark motioned for approval, Julie had the second.  Board approved.
Jason Schneider requested approval for his roof replacement.  Skip motioned for approval, Paul had the second and Board approved.

 July minutes: Julie had the 1st, Bill had the 2nd, and the Board approved the July minutes.

 Treasurer’s Report: Bill reported that the Board had received a check from the Lumens for their ACC request.
There was an update to the Firewise funds to $769.00 which should support one more chipping event.
At the end of July the Board had $21,826.93  At the time of this meeting the balance was $21,993.05.  $400.00 has been contributed but had not cleared the bank along with $50.00 in ACC requests. 
There has been $540.69 in expenses for printing and mailing ballots.  Also, $629.59 in legal expenses for the ballot issue.
YTD there has been $1,387.50 in legal expenses and $1,847.00 in insurance payments. Interest income was $0.18, YTD $1.12.
So far 52.36% of the members have contributed. The goal is 55%.  There have been 38 members that have contributed more than the requested $75.00.
The Board approved the Treasurer’s report with Julie having the first and Kevin the second.

Website: No issues with website.  There has been no downtime and it is running on the latest OS.  Kevin was researching contacts with other organizations about their website operations.

Firewise: The next chipping day is August 13th.  All members that have requested chipping are up to date on dues.  October 1st is the last chipping date.  Julie is providing lunch for the work crews.

Park: Skip and Keith (Lonnquist) have been mowing the park. Kevin repaired the sprinkler shed and reported that new parts are needed to get the sprinklers up and running.  The parts should cost less than $400.00 and that the flower beds will need some future work.  Skip motioned for approval of the funds with Kevin having the second.  Board approved.  Also, Tammy and Dave Jones have been mowing the smaller park.

Elizabeth expressed thanks to all that manned the dumpsters.  It was noted that there was lots of use of the Pickle Ball court.
There wasn’t a large percentage of members that used the dumpsters this year though both were full at the end of the two days.  $300.00 was collected in dues.
There was an accident with a member’s car contacting the dumpster.  It is ongoing issue at this time.
It was noted that next year there should be some flags to mark exactly where the dumpsters need to be placed so as to be fully in RRHOA property.
There was a discussion of what will be done in regards to dumpsters next year.

Their next meeting is August 25.  The planned development may be planning up to 40 wells which could impact FVAWD supply. 
The Board discussed the required boil notices from the latest large water line break.  There is a requirement that the notices be hand delivered but that slows down delivery.  Julie said the water district will be requesting email/phone contact information.

Zoom meeting service:
Bill was researching whether the HOA can meet 501C3 tax exempt status. That would allow the Board to acquire Zoom much cheaper.  Paul commented that it might not be worth the effort to pursue the tax exempt status and that he thought he could line up an easier and inexpensive subscription to Zoom.

Annual Picnic: Bill is bringing drinks.  Elizabeth is bringing chicken with Julie supplying  pulled pork.  Other members are bringing other dishes as well.

Elizabeth has mailed out the ballots and the tally needs to be finished by October 7th.  There will be areas assigned to Board members to avoid overlapping effort in canvasing members for the return of the ballots. The Board thanked Bill for his effort in writing out the measure.

Other business: 
There was a discussion of out buildings in that there was a report of a plastic shed on one property. The conversation between Craig and Beth was entered in error.
There was discussion about whether the HOA was CIOWA compliant?  Not decided yet.
Skip reported about ruts forming along the gravel roads in the Ranch.  Several roads have ruts.  He had reported the situation to the County but had not heard back from the County at the time of this meeting. Kevin asked about getting electrical power into the park from the joint water connection housing with the city of Monument.  Paul said that Monument did not want to provide the hookup.

Bill proposed paying Board members for fuel, etc. used for park maintenance.  Mark motioned for approval and Julie seconded.  Board approved.
Doreen suggested everyone keep an eye on their mail boxed due to the State tax refunds.

Meeting adjourned at 8:12.