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September 12, 2022 Red Rock Ranch Home Owners Association Monthly Meeting  

Board Members:  Elizabeth Lonnquist, Julie Pheteplace, Skip Chang, Kevin Guy, Doreen McLaughlin, Bill Griffith, Shannon Kittelson, Paul Tillotson, Mark Fears

 Guests: Roberto and Dawn Torres, Matt and Lori Quinlan, Craig Pryor, Jeff Wilkins, Karen Monk, Jori Ernst

 ACC:  Discussed whether a yard repair would qualify for a ACC fee.  It was decided that it did not.

 Jory Ernst - building new house, discussed with Board the driveway and explained it was mostly straight into the garage, discussed the difference between covenant requirements, 25 feet from property line, and county requirements.  Discussed the choices of colors and siding.  Mr. Ernst showed the Board examples of the siding (there was a question due to the metal siding) and showed architectural renderings of the proposed construction.  Mr. Ernst said he would email additional information.  Mark moved for approval with Kevin having the second. Board approved.

 There was a request put forward by the Yacks for a fence.  Mark motioned for approval with Julie second.  Board approved.

 Roberto and Dawn Torres also had a fence request.  Kevin had the first motion, Shannon second.  Board approved.

 The Board received an ACC check from Cindy Goodwin.

 August minutes:  The August minutes were motioned for approval by Julie 1st, Bill 2nd, and approved by the Board.

 Treasurer’s Report:  Bill reported that there had been $216.50 paid in ACC fees.  Firewise had been paid $135.45 for chipping costs (lunches etc.). The Firewise account showed a balance of $714.25.  Additionally,  $110.00 had been paid out for printing the newsletter and  $586.50 for review of covenant changes.  $0.19 had been received in interest from the bank account. The bank account balance was $21,624.10 which included the Firewise account.  At this time,  there have been 113 households that have contributed (for a 53.3% contribution rate) and 40 households have contributed more than recommended amount.  Skip motioned for approval, Doreen had the second, Board approved.

 Old Business:  Kevin and Paul reported no issues with website.  They said at some future point the OS will be updated. 

 Firewise:  There is a chipping date of October 1st.  Julie is preparing the lunch for the work crew.

 Parks:  Kevin has acquired parts for the sprinkler system. Skip and Kevin have been mowing along with Mark doing trimming in the parks.

 Elizabeth thanked everyone that contributed to the Members Picnic.  There were approximately 15 families, thirty people attending this year.

 Forest View Acres Water District:  FVAWD monthly meeting scheduled for Sept. 25. GTG may be applying for permits.

 Discussed Zoom usage.  It was decided to setup an exclusive RRRHOA account so as to not have to use Kevin’s business account.  $14.00 a month was approved by the Board with Julie having the first motion and Skip the second.

 The settlement vote is scheduled to be concluded on October 7th.

 Elizabeth asked there were any other resident concerns but none were noted at this time.

 Mark asked for advice about county road maintenance.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:05.  Kevin had the first, Bill the second, Board approved.